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Heartlyn Rae opens up about TikTok, digital age, and success (Includes interview)

Heartlyn Rae - Markos Papadatos
Heartlyn Rae - Markos Papadatos

On being TikTok stars, Alexis said, “We feel like normal girls just doing what we love each day. We’re super blessed. I have a cousin that rarely talked to me but now that I have some clout… he talks to me all the time. Also, not having to ask for time off for vacation and sick days is really amazing. We make our own schedule and it’s something I’ve always wanted for myself.”

“It feels amazing to be able to live out our dreams,” Julia said. “We have worked extremely hard to be able to document our crazy lives. Now that our videos are reaching so many people and making them laugh and feel good is really fulfilling.”

Regarding the digital age, Alexis remarked, “What I love most about the digital age is it allows you to become a “star” without waiting for someone else to make you a “star” you have the power right at your fingertips 24/7. Which is so cool. I personally love it.”

“I love that you can connect with someone across the world with just a push of a button,” Julia said. “I am able to connect with my family all the way in Poland when they randomly find us on TikTok. It blows my mind that our videos reach that far, and we are able to build relationships so easily. I also love being in my sweatpants and staying home so the fact that I can connect with people while being my introverted self at home is the best.”

On their motivations as artists, Alexis said, “My motivation is making something of myself. I’ve had the same dream since I’ve been nine years old. I want to make my younger self proud.”

“My stubbornness is my motivation,” Julia admitted. “I am too stubborn to give up and turn back, and I already decided this was my dream since I was a little girl so I am motivated by proving anyone wrong that thought I was crazy for wanting to be an artist. My mom is also my motivation, she has been my number one supporter forever.”

For young and aspiring artists, Alexis said, “Show more of you and your personality and not just a video of yourself sitting in front of a camera singing. People wanna know more about you. Draw them in with both your music and personality. Please be consistent.”

“Be prepared to outwork anyone else,” Julia said. “Don’t get discouraged because success takes time, especially this industry. Stick with it, stay true to yourself, be consistent and doors will open.”

On their proudest professional moments, Alexis said, “When we opened up for Little Big Town. My whole family has been a fan of them for years. That was huge. When we did a campaign for the brand Wet n Wild. I’ve always loved that makeup brand. My younger self would be so excited. Hitting one million followers on TikTok was such a big deal. Our families were so excited too. It feels good when our parents are proud. Getting to be featured on the television show TMZ was so cool. I used to watch TMZ all the time. I even went on a TMZ tour in LA once.”

Julia elaborated, “I have to agree with Alexis and say opening for Little Big Town was a huge dream of ours that came true. Another time was when we got to share the stage with Jordin Sparks at a holiday show we performed at and I was super starstruck. Also landing a brand deal with Panda Express. I love Panda Express so I was super stoked for that. Lastly, I gotta say getting featured on TMZ was amazing, we both cried and jumped in front of the TV when it aired, it was a good time.”

Regarding their definition of success, Alexis explained, “what it means to me is being my own boss, living on income that comes from the things I love to do every day. It’s hard, hard work. It’s not easy… it looks glamorous but a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Years and years of doing some of the most odd jobs ever. Sleeping on a twin mattress for years, moving to Nashville with $500, driving a Toyota with 300k miles on it. Working jobs I absolutely hated just to live out my dreams. So don’t give up if you’re wanting something in life.”

“To me, success means being happy and doing what you love while making the world a better place,” Julia said. “If I can wake up every day and be excited to work, and make people feel good then I achieved success. I have had so many odd jobs that I didn’t like but had to do so I could live in Nashville and work towards my dreams, but I had that bigger picture mentality that one day I would achieve success, and that is what gets me through every day.”

For their fans and followers, Alexis expressed, “Thank you. Thank you for everything. If it weren’t for you being interested in our crazy lives we wouldn’t be doing anything. We hope we inspire you in someway to be your best authentic self.”

“I love you all and am so thankful to have you,” Julia exclaimed. “They got us where we are and we will always be thankful and take time to engage with them. They are the ones that keep us going and we will never let them down.”

To learn more about Heartlyn Rae, follow them on Instagram and on TikTok.

Markos Papadatos
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