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HBO Now crashes during ‘Game of Thrones’ broadcast

HBO Now is a streaming service only available in the U.S., giving viewers access to the specialty’s channels original content library without the need to pay for a subscription. It’s meant to target cord-cutters and compete with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

HBO Now makes new episodes of HBO shows available for streaming at the exact time the episode airs on television, and the service appeared to be overwhelmed by traffic from those eager to partake in “The Battle of the Bastards,” episode nine of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season. Generally, the ninth episode of each season of Game of Thrones features a climactic battle, and Sunday’s episode was no different.

About 45 minutes into the airing of the episode, HBO announced on Twitter that it was aware of the problem, but had no timeline on when it would be resolved.

Frustrated fans were quick to respond, some finding humor in the inconvenient outage:

HBO Now eventually resolved its issues within the hour, Consumerist reports, though it defeated the purpose of the streaming service — streaming a show simultaneously with those who have cable.

Game of Thrones was the most pirated show on TV in 2015, and HBO likely hopes HBO Now will fill viewers’ needs. HBO has taken greater measures to prevent piracy in 2016, including quickly removing torrents from file-sharing sites and warning those caught illegally downloading the program.

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