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Harrison Ford seriously injured in airplane wreck in California

Two doctors were on the golf course to treat multiple gashes on Harrison’s head when he wrecked on the golf course, flying solo. Medics immediately transported him to a nearby hospital.

This is not the first time Harrison Ford wrecked in an airplane or helicopter, and it probably will not be his last. That is just who the man is, displaying his dangerous and adventurous personality both on and off the screen, and in most of his box office movies. And especially in a 2008 ABC personal interview with Barbara Walters.

“I love the places you go,” he said to her. “I love the people in aviation, the people that I meet in aviation. I love seeing the world from an airplane. I’m in love with flying.”

According to ABC News, the airplane wreck was a single-engine crash which landed near Venice, close to Santa Monica.

Ford, age 72, was taken to a hospital near Penmar Golf Course, just west of Santa Monica Municipal Airport, at 2:25 p.m. PST, sources told ABC News. The Los Angeles Fire Department would not identify the pilot injured in the crash, but said he was initially helped by bystanders on the golf course.

Harrison Ford was described by firefighters as being conscious at the crash but was in a great deal of pain, listed in “fair to moderate” condition.

More of the story will follow ….

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