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Happiness Carter talks about new ‘Mistletoe Road’ audio drama (Includes interview)

“The experience being a part of the Mistletoe Road production was exciting,” she said. “I loved meeting the other artist, working with James Lott, and had a great time acting out my character, Thalia Arboles. I was honestly not sure what to expect since this was actually my first role. After reading through the scripts, I realized this was a character I could relate to… but I was still nervous. Working with the other artist made the experience comfortable and fun.”

“Thalia Arboles was a fun character to play. She is a cheerful romantic that loves Hallmark movies and most importantly, she loves Christmas,” she admitted.

On being an artist/actress in the digital age, she said, “At this time, I am still fairly new, but being an actress/artist in the digital age is exciting. It is extremely convenient to perform voiceovers anywhere I am and at home, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.”

For young and aspiring artists, she said, “The best advice I give to young and/or aspiring actors/actresses is if you really want to do it, go for it. Whether it be for work or pleasure, focus on what you love and diligence is rewarded. Do what makes you happy.”

She had great words about working with showrunner James Lott Junior. “James was such a pleasant person to work with and has an incredible gift in his art. As an artist, I greatly appreciated that James worked with everyone’s schedules for recording the production. You will not see that everywhere. The most impressive note I have of James is how he creates a whole idea, script or production overnight. Remarkable. I appreciate this opportunity as one of the leads in Mistletoe Road and look forward to future projects with James and JLJ media,” she said.

On life during the quarantine, she said, “My work in other career involvements have not been affected. I do miss my friends, family, and networking engagements. For the most part, I am a homebody and do not mind staying inside with access to my kitchen all day.”

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She concluded about Mistletoe Road, “It is a fun holiday-themed drama perfect for those who are looking for a good laugh, fun and holiday cheer.”

Happiness Carter
Happiness Carter
Happiness Carter

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