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Haben talks about her new music and touring with Coco Jones

R&B singer and songwriter Haben chatted about her new music, and touring with Coco Jones.

R&B singer Haben
R&B singer Haben. Photo Credit: Ivy Chen.
R&B singer Haben. Photo Credit: Ivy Chen.

R&B singer and songwriter Haben chatted about her new music, and touring with Coco Jones.

Song selection process for her new EP

On the song selection approach for her new EP, she said, “I do a lot of visualizing and planning in general, so my wall was filled with sticky notes of track-list variations. The most impactful part of my process is actually playing the songs obsessively.”

“I really like to take my time, listen critically, and imagine songs as part of a collection. After doing that, I held small listening sessions with a few trusted ears before deciding on a final list and arrangement with my manager,” she said.

“This project honestly came together very easily because most of us were aligned in our thoughts and opinions,” she added.

When asked about her personal favorite song on the EP, she said, “My favorite song from the project changes often, but right now it’s a song called ‘Telepathy.’ The beat and hook are so fun. Shout out to Wicks for producing that one!”

On her music and songwriting inspirations, she said, “I’m inspired by things that make me feel very deeply. Sometimes that’s a set of chords, recurring thoughts I’ve been having, sometimes it’s another song. I’m very inspired by the idea of making songs that can capture and recreate a mood.”                                  

The digital age

She opened up about being an artist in the digital age. “It’s an interesting time to be an artist,” she said.

“I’m lucky enough to get to share my music and aspects of my life whenever I want. I get to connect with people regularly and track my progress. At the same time, I think we’re all looking for more balance and a way to be more present in life,” she said.

“Being an artist in the digital age (especially an independent artist) calls for so much online activity that I think it also requires you to be able to disconnect very consciously,” she added.                                                                   

North American Tour with Coco Jones

On touring with Coco Jones, she said, “I had such a great time on tour with Coco! It was my first experience doing shows back-to-back like that and being on a tour bus.”

“There were a lot of firsts for me through that experience. It felt like a teaser of what I can’t wait to do more of in my life. The fans and team were so sweet,” she noted.

Future plans

Regarding her future plans, she shared, “After releasing this EP, I’m really wanting to go on another tour. It’s a goal of mine to carefully craft a set that I’m proud of and take my stage performances and music to a new level.”                                                  

Advice for young and aspiring artists

For young and aspiring artists, Haben said, “Do as much as you can yourself! We’re capable of more than we think. But it’s also important to learn when and when not to be a perfectionist and when it’s okay to lean on people. That’s something I’m definitely still learning.”


On her definition of the word success, Haben said, “Success means going through the process of growth. Success means making decisions with your future self in mind, putting in effort, and processing your mistakes as lessons to learn while retaining belief in yourself.”                                                                                 

Closing thoughts about her new music

Haben concluded about her new music, “The new music is so special to me! I hope the readers can connect and feel the hours spent and the love that I’ve poured into the songs. I just want them to have fun listening!”

To learn more about Haben, follow her on Instagram.

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