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‘GREATLAND,’ starring Eric Roberts, is a dystopian fantasy film

Dana Ziyasheva served as writer and director, and it stars Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, as well as Nick Moran, J.P. Manoux, former boxing champion Shannon Briggs, and horror star Bill Oberst Jr. It was filmed in Los Angeles, California, in a futuristic vintage style.

In addition, rising actors Aman Darbo and Chloe Ray Warmoth (Fuller House fame) also star.

The official trailer of GREATLAND may be seen below:

This film marks Ziyasheva’s sophomore feature. The setting of GREATLAND is an imaginary country that is described as the “birthplace of love” and an “endless source of fun.” It tells the tale of Ulysses, a rebellious non-binary teen on a mission to save his childhood sweetheart as an absurd election and a deadly virus wreak chaos and violence. It is reminiscent of an urban myth due to its COVID-19-inspired teasers, and rightfully so.

In the GREATLAND world, boys are married to trees, cats and dogs run for the presidential office, and the virus has become a new religion. It’s an acid roller coaster ride into the future following the Coronavirus.

The synopsis of the film is as follows: “trapped in a world of perpetual fun and inter-species love ruled by a universal Mother, a teenage boy crosses the forbidden frontier to save his childhood sweetheart as an absurd election and a deadly virus lead to chaos and violence.”

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