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Grammy winner Joshua Henry talks about his new single and music

Grammy winner Joshua Henry chatted about his latest R&B single “Can’t Nobody Tell Us Nothin’.”

Grammy winner Joshua Henry
Grammy winner Joshua Henry. Photo Credit: Paul Morejon
Grammy winner Joshua Henry. Photo Credit: Paul Morejon

Grammy winner Joshua Henry chatted about his latest R&B single “Can’t Nobody Tell Us Nothin’.” He is also a three-time Tony Award nominee.

Most recently, he starred in the Broadway revival of “Into The Woods,” for which he won the Grammy for his performance as a principal vocalist on the 2022 Broadway revival cast recording.

Latest single

On his new single, Henry said, “I started with the simplest rhythm I could find that sounded like a heartbeat. I wanted to challenge myself to ask questions and not arrive at any place solid. ‘Did the wind blow me too close to you?’ was the first question that came. From there I knew the production had to be simple at first and would lead into something epic for the chorus.. something like fireworks.”


Regarding his music and songwriting, Henry said, “Anything that comes from an honest, real place moves me. I’m inspired by artists who love their craft. The other day I saw an incredible sculpture of a falcon in Central Park, and it froze me. It happened to be raining, but I just stared at it in the rain and started writing lyrics on my phone.”

“The other day I looked into one of my son’s eyes as he was about to cry, and time stood still. So many things to be inspired by. Sometimes I’m inspired by stillness,” he added.

New album

On the song selection approach for his new LP, he said, “The songs select themselves the more I write. As in, I’ve started honing in on this next album’s sound after I wrote many songs. I guess some writers can pinpoint exactly what they want to talk about and begin writing like that.”

“For me, I noticed I kept on writing messages to myself in different songs. It then became obvious that this album should be about messages I want my future self to be inspired by the hurt, the questions, the wondering, the joy. I want me in five, 10, or 15 years to hear this album and feel ‘I’m gonna be ok’,” he said.

He listed his latest single as his personal favorite tune on the album. “It’s one of the most emotionally raw songs I’ve ever written. Everyone wants to feel the fire and intimacy of love whether you’re on your first date, five years or 25 year anniversary. I believe this song captures that feeling that only the heart can know,” he explained.

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, Henry remarked, “It’s horrible at times. I’m realizing that aside from my art (writing, singing, producing), I have to cultivate a whole other Art which is- blocking out the noise.”

“So many voices swearing they know how to post and who to be. Honestly, in this digital age, it’s like the incredible producer Rick Rubin says, and I’m paraphrasing ‘the single greatest tool you can cultivate as an artist is trusting your gut, your taste, following your imagination in the midst of a changing landscape’.”

Henry’s future plans

On his plans for the future, Henry said, “Creating and writing as much as I physically can. I have lots on my heart and want to help other artists express what’s on theirs as well.” 

“I’m doing writing trips, collaborating with people I respect that have that passion to grow something special. Music was my first artistic love before acting came, so I’m gonna honor that. I’m excited to see what that grows into,” he added.


On his definition of the word success, Henry shared, “Success means having days where I hang out with my family and get to spend time creating in my zone. I’m living the dream right now. I’m bursting at the seams with ideas and inspiration, so success also means being at peace with the pace of my expression. I’m working on that. Some art only comes with time and patience.”

For his fans, Henry concluded about his new music, “I would say that this music is for people who want to feel deeper than they have before, those curious to explore grown folks love. Love of self and whatever is in front of you. All that to dope, layered harmonies and sick beats.

His single “Can’t Nobody Tell Us Nothin'” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about Tony nominee and Grammy winner Joshua Henry, follow him on Instagram.

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