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Gilad Segev talks about his upcoming NYC concert honoring Jewish heroes

Singer-songwriter Gilad Segev chatted about his forthcoming New York City concert, where he is honoring Jewish heroes.

Singer-songwriter Gilad Segev
Singer-songwriter Gilad Segev. Photo Courtesy of Gilad Segev.
Singer-songwriter Gilad Segev. Photo Courtesy of Gilad Segev.

Singer-songwriter Gilad Segev chatted about his forthcoming New York City concert, where he is honoring Jewish heroes.

Show at the Museum of Jewish Heritage

“The May 9th concert, Project Heroes, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, will be all about commemoration to the amazing heroes that gave their life for others in an exceptional way,” he said.

He continued, “We will tell their stories, sing the songs dedicated to them, show visuals we created for them, but most of all we will try to forward the light they left for us. We will try to forward the inspiration they gave us.”

“Although each story had a very tragic ending, their act of heroism will echo in eternity, and that’s what we are here for. We echo their amazing life, through music, through storytelling, so they can live on. Please expect to experience every human emotion in high intensity,” he elaborated.

Music and songwriting inspirations

On his music and songwriting inspirations, he said, “I think I can find inspiration in many things, but I guess that the true source of it are feelings I had in specific moments.”

“The moment something in life triggers it, the dots connect and a line of words or a sound is being formed. After that I only play what I am hearing inside. I would say I am inspired by the connections that life creates for us,” he added.

Future plans

On his future plans, he shared, “Before the 7th of October I had a very long term plan with my musical project called Passerby, that is all about connecting people around the world through music.”

“These days I can only see what I can do for my people, and my people are not only Jewish people, it’s all the people that want to live in peace: my duty is to forward to them the narrative of true heroism, and this heroism connects deeply to my Jewish roots.

“So my plan is just to continue to forward heroism, until I feel its forwarded without me in a the way I think it should,” he added.

The digital age

On being a part of the digital age, now with streaming, technology and social media being so prevalent, he said, “The digital age allowed me to create things I didn’t believe I could: become a director, work with people live from all over the world.”

“Regarding promoting my art, I have to admit that for me it’s hard as I always prefer to work deeply on an art piece and it’s hard for me to post things lightly. I love to be part of these times, but unfortunately, I also spend too much time scrolling on my phone,” he elaborated.

Dream duet choices in music

On his dream duet choices in music, he said, “I would love to do duets with artists that are not necessarily musicians: I would like to play and watch a painter like Kandinsky paint the music, or compose live a video artist. I am excited about different art forms being mixed – live.”

Advice for young and aspiring artists

For young and aspiring artists, he said, “My advice is to remember that no matter how old you get, you are always a young aspiring artist.”

Career-defining moments

On his career-defining moments, he revealed, Several, I think the most significant one was when I understood I can’t define myself and became Passerby.”

“Giving up my identity to a vast concept was the most defining moment for me. I can easily commit myself to change my passport name to Passerby, I feel more a Passerby than any name or definition I was given,” he added.


On his definition of the word success, Segev said, “Professionally, success is to be in a situation I can do something first that no one tried before. To be the one that was the first to succeed or to fail.”

“As long as I can allow myself to fail gloriously, to me I am a very successful person. In my personal life, success is just being at home with the family. I know that it seems trivial, but that’s the truth,” he explained.

Closing thoughts on the May 9th concert in New York

For his fans and listeners, he remarked about this upcoming show, “Togetherness, I want to invite people to experience togetherness. I want to invite people to gather around the colorful lights the Heroes have left us, lights that reflect the best side of humanity, the best stories, the best notes.”

“After living inside these lights for the past seven months, I want to share them, as I believe that together, with the reflections of us to one another, they will shine brighter,” he concluded.

To learn more about singer-songwriter Gilad Segev, follow him on Instagram.

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