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Galavant discusses new single ‘Never Gonna Let You’ (Includes interview)

On their new track, “Never Gonna Let You,” they said, “We wanted to create something organic with a touch of electronic elements. So we sat down with Max (who is also singing on the song) and his brother Albin, and Albin started playing on the guitar and came up with the guitar riff that you can hear in the verses. After that ,we started to jam on a top-line and came up with a sort of demo. After that, we left the song like a demo for a while and Max called us and was like, do you remember this demo? And we really felt like finishing the song up. So we met up in the studio together with Dafina and finished up the song.”

Galavant is drawn to electronic music due to its diversity. “You can create so many different sounds. There are no limits,” they said.

Regarding Galavant’s future plans, they said, “We will keep on making music that we love and keep developing. We always strive towards something and want to achieve big things in the future, like do big tours and spread our music all over the world. This EP is hopefully the beginning of something cool.”

On their musical inspirations, they shared, “We get inspired by everything, seeing new places and meet new people. Also, like trying new styles and experiment with different genres. Like before, when we only made a certain sound it could easily make us stuck in a pattern that was hard to get out of and that ended up putting us in a uncreative mode. These days, we work with so many different genres and that puts us in a creative mode.”

Regarding their use of technology in their music making process, they said, “Technology is a big part of our music creation since we make all our music on our laptops! We sit in our studio everyday and use simple equipment only a laptop and 2 generic speakers. We have worked with a lot of people that use advanced equipment, and for us, that just makes music to difficult and a slow process. We want to be quick in our sessions and make quick ideas!”

For aspiring DJs and producers, Galvant said, “The best advice is to keep making the music that you love and to allays push yourself harder and to keep learning. We often get messages from fans who are asking us how to succeed and how to progress their sound. Like we said before, just work, work and work! It takes a lot of time and we are still today learning new things every day!”

Galavant listed their fellow Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona as their dream collaboration choices. “We always dreamed about working with them when we started and haven’t really had the opportunity to work with them, but they are really nice and funny people,” they said.

For their fans, Galavant concluded, “Thanks for listening to our music and hopefully we will see each other soon.”

To learn more about Galavant, check out their official Facebook page.

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