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From the Editor: Spring Issue 2004

TORONTO, Digital Journal – What is digital culture? So often we’re asked to tackle this question, but the answer is never simple. Sure, it includes technology, science, and gadgets, but there’s more to it than that. It has become arts, entertainment, lifestyle and fashion. From the inchoate child it once was, digital culture has grown into a pillar of the 21st century. Today, in the post-dot-com era, digital culture has emerged as one of the most prominent aspects of everyday life.

Digital Journal enters 2004 with the continuing challenge of defining this nebulous structure. We have expanded our magazine yet again in an attempt to cover everything related to digital culture. In our feature cover story, celebrated writer Paul William Roberts takes his 36th visit to India to tell the story of a rapidly emerging economy (page 36). As a complement to Roberts’ piece, Jack Kapica offers a compelling look into how American business sells out its workers in the name of profit (page 42).

From economics and politics to entertainment and fashion, we explore a wide range of stories throughout this issue. Mike Drach offers the guy’s side of online dating, so whether you’re looking for true romance or just fighting the urge to cheat on your spouse thanks to Ashley Madison’s late-night ads, Drach’s piece is sure to spark your interest (page 46). We’ve also souped up our extremely popular Inside, Showcase and Essential Digital Gear sections to bring you the hottest and most sought-after gizmos and gadgets.

In another announcement, we’re pleased to say that Digital Journal has again jumped into another medium; in January, Digital Journal appeared on David Onley’s technology television show, HomePage. We received tons of fantastic feedback from the show’s viewers, and our website is still being bombarded with people curious to learn more. It was a great experience and an honour for Digital Journal to be part of the program. For those who might have missed us, we’ve been approached by various other networks and we’ll be back on TV soon. Stay tuned to

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Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur who has worked in publishing, digital media, broadcasting, advertising, social media & marketing, data and analytics. Chris is a partner in the media company Digital Journal, content marketing and brand storytelling firm Digital Journal Group, and Canada's leading digital transformation and innovation event, the mesh conference.

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