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Exclusive premiere: ‘Long Way To Go’ by Beyond The Sun (Includes interview)

Beyond The Sun is made up of three brothers: Colin on lead vocals, Phil on lead guitar, as well as Dalton on drums. “Long Way To Go” is featured on their new album, Shuffle.

On their song “Long Way To Go,” they said, “It is an ode to our father. It’s about growing up, maturing and realizing it’s time to do those things you’ve been putting off.”

“We wrote it in Nashville with Alyssa Bonagura from The Sisterhood Band back in 2016. Sonically, it’s the perfect introduction to what ‘Shuffle’ is, hence why we made it the start of the record,” they added.

Beyond The Sun acknowledged that their album Shuffle, Pt. 1 is the result of our writing over the last five or so years. “It runs like a playlist, weaving together the different styles of music we do,” they said.

“Its hands down the most cohesive pop-country-indie-alt-rock album that you’re going to find. So put on your headphones, start at track one and go along for the ride,” they remarked.

Their music is available on Apple Music.

To learn more about Canadian trio Beyond The Sun, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

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