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Exclusive: Paige King Johnson premieres ‘She Holds This House Together’ video

Country artist Paige King Johnson released a Mother Day’s video for “She Holds This House Together.” Digital Journal has the scoop.

Paige King Johnson
Paige King Johnson. Photo by Alex Berger
Paige King Johnson. Photo by Alex Berger

Country artist Paige King Johnson released a Mother Day’s video for “She Holds This House Together.” Digital Journal has the scoop.

“‘She Holds This House Together’ is special to me in so many ways,” she said. “I wrote it with my friend, Mike Astrachan, last year soon after Mother’s Day. It started out as just an honest, heartfelt pouring out of love for both our mothers, but once we finished it, we both felt that it was a tribute for all women out there who dedicate their lives to raising good children and making the impossible possible every day.”

“I feel like there’s no better time for this song of mine to be released out into the world than near Mother’s Day when we’re all just a little extra grateful for each of our moms,” she exclaimed.

“This video also holds a special place in my heart with memories of me and my mother from my entire childhood. It was so much fun to get to go back through all of those old memories as I was getting pictures together for it,” she elaborated.

To learn more about Paige King Johnson, check out her official website.

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