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Eve 6’s Max Collins talks FITNESS, ‘Matter of Time,’ technology (Includes interview)

On the new FITNESS single “Matter of Time,” Collins said, “It’s funny. Most of our songs are hard, fast and on the heavy side. We wanted to have a moment in the show that was dynamically down. Kenny started the track for that purpose, to have some breathing room in our set. We debated putting drums on the original version, but we decided to keep it minimal. It started with Kenny’s guitar part, and I wrote the melody on top of that, and then, I put the lyrics in. That’s our little formula, which is different for me in the past.”

FITNESS is playing the KAABOO festival in San Diego, California, this Saturday, September 15, on the main stage and they are going on tour with Big Data on the ALT Nation Tour this fall. “We have a tour coming up on October 14 with Big Data, and we will have another single coming out at some point,” he said. “We will push this single, which is the reasonable thing to do.”

Digital transformation of the music business

“On the impact of technology on the music business, Collins said, “It depends how savvy you are when it comes to exploiting those platforms (iTunes and Spotify) as a means to get your music to people. In our case, it has been positive. We have had tremendous support from the curators of Spotify and Apple Music. We are getting to ears that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to. For us, it’s a great way to get our music out, and we hope to build this band to a point where we can be a successful touring entity.”

“We are very ‘online’ as a band. I love Twitter and Instagram. It’s a great way to have a direct line to your listenership, and you can share directly with the fan-base, without any middle person. I think it’s really powerful,” he said, about technology. “It’s a great way to advertise our shows.”

To learn more about the musical duo FITNESS and “Matter of Time,” check out their official website.

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