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Eric Martsolf talks about the Day Players Band concerts and upcoming fan events

Emmy winner Eric Martsolf chatted about the upcoming Day Players Band concerts on the East Coast and fan events.

Emmy winner Eric Martsolf
Emmy winner Eric Martsolf. Photo Credit: Levi Walker
Emmy winner Eric Martsolf. Photo Credit: Levi Walker

Emmy winner Eric Martsolf (“Days of Our Lives”) chatted about the upcoming Day Players Band concerts on the East Coast and fan events.

The Day Players Band

Martsolf will be joined by his “Days of Our Lives” co-stars Brandon Barash, Carson Boatman, and Wally Kurth, all of which are musicians as well. They have joined musical forces to form “The Day Players.” It is an unprecedented 90-minute acoustic act, encompassing rich harmonies, engaging storytelling, and an unforgettable evening of music. “We are going on the road again, as Willie Nelson would say,” Martsolf admitted.

“I am really excited,” he exclaimed. “We have a text thread that is eight miles long, and we are all excited. It’s a great group of guys and I am excited to hang out with them. We all get along really well and it’s going to be fun.”

Day Players Band
Brandon Barash, Eric Martsolf, Wally Kurth, and Carson Boatman of the Day Players Band. Photo Courtesy of Coastal Entertainment

On September 15, the “Day Players” will be at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and on September 16, they will be performing at The Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore on Long Island. “The fans are going to get a wide variety of music,” he acknowledged. “Our setlist and our music is as diverse as our audience is. There is something in it for everybody. Each of us comes from a different generation.”

They will make a stop at The Stress Factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on September 17, and it will wrap up on September 18 at The Cabot Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts. “We will be doing 18 to 20 songs for a 90-minute set,” he said. “Also, in the VIP portion of the show, we will be doing some intimate songs that we don’t do in our regular set. They get more music, and the fans will hear songs that are not as common.”

“Carson does terrific country tunes and I love my pop music, while Wally Kurth loves his folk music. We are actually going to surprise a lot of folks with the song selections that we have,” he said.

“We are going to keep learning new songs so we can keep diversifying the setlist as we go along,” he added.

He hopes fans and viewers get Peacock so that they can watch “Days of Our Lives” once it moves to that streaming platform on September 12. “Peacock is adding so much new content to their inventory, it will be completely worth it,” he said, prior to adding that he is a “champion of the daytime genre.”

Zoom fan event with Paul Telfer

Martsolf shared that he is looking forward to the upcoming Zoom fan event with Paul Telfer on September 13 for Star Image Entertainment. “I’ve done a couple of Zooms with Paul, they are always fun. Paul is such a teddy bear, he is sweet and supportive and gives me the thumbs up for any project I am involved in. I am a fan of his and I support him too,” he said.

Retro Rewind Roller Skating and Dance Party

Speaking of Star Image Entertainment, on October 15, Martsolf will also be a part of their “Retro Rewind Roller Skating and Dance Party,” which will be held in Montreal, Canada. “Talk about something I haven’t done in a while, we are all going to strap on our rollerskates and try not to break our legs,” he said. “It should be fun and exciting. I will do it to pay homage to the late but great Olivia Newton-John and ‘Xanadu’.”

Samatha’s Friends

On October 8 and 9, Martsolf will be a part of the Samantha’s Friends benefit fundraiser, which helps the Southeastern Guide Dogs, in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. “I am always excited for that,” he said.

“That event is always such a feel-good event for everybody. People seem to leave happier and more lifted up and more appreciative of what you’ve got and where you’ve come from. It just opens your heart up and it makes you count your blessings,” he elaborated.

To learn more about Emmy award-winning actor Eric Martsolf, check out his official website and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Eric Martsolf
Eric Martsolf. Photo Credit: Brad Everett Young
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