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Eric and Sainty Nelsen talk about their own podcast ‘The Glamour & Grit’

Actors and producers Eric and Sainty Nelsen chatted about starting their own podcast “The Glamour & Grit.”

Sainty and Eric Nelsen
Sainty and Eric Nelsen. Photo Credit: Andrew Fraser
Sainty and Eric Nelsen. Photo Credit: Andrew Fraser

Actors and producers Eric and Sainty Nelsen chatted about starting their own podcast “The Glamour & Grit.”

Eric Nelsen (“1883”) is an Emmy award-winning actor and producer, as well as a Tony-winning producer. His wife Sainty is a voiceover actress, actress, as well as an Emmy and Tony award-winning producer.

On starting a podcast together, Sainty said, “Oh my gosh, it feels so good to be working together again. We are obsessed with each other whether its parenting together, ‘Talking shop’ (about the business) or just the simple day to day things.”

“We do a ‘run down’ of our day in bed every night, so one night I was just like… we need to record this. And that’s when the idea came to me. I hit up 6th Avenue Storytelling in FW and our marketing began,” Sainty added.

“It feels very exciting,” Eric said. “We get to be in the driver seat and craft it exactly the way we want, which is the best part of all. It’s our first time in the podcast space so we’re just eager to get it out there and see what sticks.”

Idea for the podcast

On the idea for this podcast, Sainty said, “We knew we always wanted to work together again, everyone in the Yellowstone family from Sheridan or Glasser loved us together and working together. We have pitched shows together, so we thought this would be the start of us out in the industry again.”

Eric continued, “We’ve done a lot of producing and working together behind the scenes… and have been working towards a project we can both share the spotlight on for a while now.”

“We prefer to work together,” Eric acknowledged. “A podcast seemed like the perfect medium to us. With the amount of people listening to podcasts as well, we knew it could reach a lot of people.”

The digital age

Sainty opened up about being a part of the digital age. “I love it,” she exclaimed. “Give me all the digital fun.”

“It feels incredible,” Eric admitted. “It gives you the chance to be the creator, to be the influencer, to choose your own destiny and create your own content. The opportunities it has provided the world are endless. Anything is possible in the digital age, you just have to be the one in the driver seat making the choices to advance yourself,” he added.

Sainty and Eric Nelsen, and their two kids
Sainty and Eric Nelsen, and their two kids. Photo Credit: Andrew Fraser

Naming the podcast

When asked about the origin of the title for the podcast, Sainty responded, “When thinking about our lives- so many people probably think its all glamour and fun and games, but the truth is- we went through a lot.”

“While Eric was on the carpet for the Yellowstone premiere, I was in the ICU with our son Mick. A lot goes on ‘behind the curtain,’ so we felt it doesn’t fair not to share with our following. That is where the ‘Grit’ came into play,” she explained.

“We understand so much of what appears to be on social media is glamorous and perfect… but we all know that’s not reality, there’s a lot of Grit,” Eric said. “We wanted a place to share stories, experiences and dissect news that wasn’t wrapped up in a bow. Humanizing our lives, struggles and opinions while giving the listeners a first hand relationship with us and our guests. Talking through the Glamour but not shying away from the Grit.” 

Topics that will be covered

On the topics that listeners and fans can expect to hear, they revealed, “Everything. Think ‘Kelly & Mark’ meets ‘Hoda & Jenna.’ We will even bring on celebrities with their partners, spouses, parents and really dig into their real lives.”

The message that they want fans and listeners to get out of the podcast is the following: “It is okay to not be okay in life sometimes.” “We have all been there,” they said. “We want you to feel a safe space with us whether that’s a good cry or a guttural laugh.”

To learn more about “The Glamour & Grit,” check out its official website.

For more information on Eric Nelsen, follow him on Instagram.

To learn more about Sainty Nelsen, follow her on Instagram.

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