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Emily Tan talks 30th anniversary of Emily Tan Media Relations (Includes interview)

How does it feel to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Emily Tan Media Relations?

Emily Tan: It’s tough to sit here and ponder personal career milestones with the COVID-19 pandemic and the BLM civil unrest still ravaging humanity, honestly. I feel extremely fortunate on so many levels — able to weather NYC’s life-in-lockdown with my soulmate and amazing husband, Jim Tremayne, able to grow my PR agency and be busier than ever before, able to stay connected to my family and friends via Zoom, able to take strolls in nature in NYC’s amazing waterfront parks for mental health, able to keep my body fit — that greeting each day feels like a gift.

Where do you see Emily Tan Media Relations in the next 10 years?

Emily Tan: Even busier than today.

How does it feel to be a music publicist in the digital age?

Emily Tan: I’ve worked in PR and communications since we used bike-messengers, since fax machines and before the Internet and social media (laughs). The past 30 years somehow raced-by in a blip. Obviously, everything moves at lightning speed in the digital age and I’m not thrilled about the erosion of editorial integrity brought about by social media, but the essence of editorial coverage remains mostly intact. A publicist’s job is, yes, to serve my clients, but it’s really about “servicing the media.” I am here to do just that: provide the media with newsworthy content. To do that, it doesn’t matter if the medium is digital, print, radio, television, streaming, or social media. It’s about servicing the media and I try to never pitch crappy content.

Emily Tan  Ice-T  and Coco at Schimanski New York
Emily Tan, Ice-T, and Coco at Schimanski New York
Photo by Cheyenne Bosco

What are some of your proudest professional moments over the last three decades?

Emily Tan: My God. If I named them all, we’d be here all day. Truthfully, though, it’s the toughest moments that stick out in my mind. The happiest moments are when my clients are happy, but maybe even more so, the media outlets I work with are happy. I care deeply about what I do and I put my energy into my work. An overall ‘proud’ moment would be waking up each morning knowing that I’m still fighting after all these years in the game. There’s something to be said about longevity. I take great satisfaction in all the close relationships I’ve built over the decades with my favorite TV producers, radio programmers, print journalists, bloggers, booking agents, label reps and even competing publicists. It’s those personal friendships that are priceless to me. Nearly twenty years ago, I met my current husband in this industry. The music industry sustains me.

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What is the title of the current chapter of your life?

Emily Tan: Growth and Enlightenment.

What is your advice for young and aspiring music publicists?

Emily Tan: Don’t quit. Ignore negative people who thrive on drama. Keep going.

What does the word “success” mean to you?

Emily Tan: Maintaining inner-peace. Experiencing joy. Living with the knowledge that there is only the illusion of many. In truth, there is only one.

To learn more about Emily Tan, check out her official website: EmilyTanMediaRelations

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