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Editor’s Note: Winter 2004

Digital Journal — Since the launch of the previous issue of Digital Journal, we have received an incredible amount of positive feedback about the magazine’s new look and expanded focus. Readers have praised Digital Journal for having diverse content, a new and contemporary design, but most importantly, the unique approach in which we combine technology and lifestyle.

I would first like to thank all our readers, as we greatly value your feedback. Your opinions weigh heavily on our editorial mandate, so please continue to tell us what you think.

Digital Journal puts a tremendous focus on technology, but it also pushes the envelope by investigating the extent to which technology intersects with travel, the arts, fashion and societal trends. We don’t focus simply on gadgets, but rather how people use the gadgets, and how lifestyle and technology have merged to create a new movement — what we call the digital culture revolution.

By connecting diverse issues of sex, politics, arts and entertainment, science and technology, Digital Journal is following this revolution and explaining why it matters to you.

Other technology publications focus on the cold steel, megapixels and USB ports. But readers have grown to want and need more. Digital Journal combines tech specs, cutting-edge journalism and design, culminating in a magazine that is unique.

The feedback from our readers has demonstrated that those who are interested in technology are not only interested in technology. They don’t obsess about processor power for hours; they are hungry for ideas that will satiate their expanding curiosity.

Digital Journal has recently been approached by American distributors, so our friends to the south can look forward to a special U.S. edition coming soon.

We thank you for joining this revolution. We invite you to stand by our side as we continue to track the new realities that will determine our collective future.

Digital Journal Winter 2004 Issue Highlights:

  • Cover story: A world exclusive story about television’s most outspoken personality, Bill Maher. Television has changed over the last decade, and Bill Maher has been a leading character in connecting politics and entertainment. In a world exclusive interview with Digital Journal, the ever-incisive Bill Maher attacks all that is wrong with American politics. If you know Maher, you know he never censors himself.
  • Stars, Stripes and Sore Spots: With anti-Americanism spreading across the world, the need to understand the hate is more important than ever. In an exclusive interview with Princeton professor Bernard Chazelle, Digital Journal columnist, Mike Drach, discusses growing anti-American sentiments, and tracks how the U.S. image has changed over the years.
  • The Greed Factor: Few people are aware that many new technologies have been developed but not yet put to use. Multimedia on demand, distance learning, unlimited teleconferencing, remote surgery, massive computer grids and nanotechnology to treat disease monitor the environment or produce and store energy — this is not the stuff of science fiction. These applications and technologies are here. They just aren’t visible. Why? In a word: greed. Digital Journal technology columnist Jack Kapica takes a look at the business of technology development, and shows how corporate fat cats are choking the life out of innovation.
  • Slaves to the Game: It’s not chat rooms or XXX sites luring these PC addicts to their keyboards eight hours a day. Online games have become the new cyber-drug of choice, and the severity of addiction might surprise you. Digital Journal‘s feature editor, David Silverberg, investigates how serious video game addiction can get, and takes you inside the life of a woman who saw her world come crashing down around her the day her son shoot himself in the head.
  • The Steroid Generation: The times are changing and young men now find themselves facing a new addiction: steroids. This is a story that will shock you, as Digital Journal writer Janis Warren profiles a young man obsessed with improving his image despite the consequences. Warren worked for the Canadian government and saw steroid addiction first-hand, as she spent years helping steroid junkies in needle clinics, gyms and on the streets. This is a look at a subculture rarely probed.
  • Silencing Sex: Put 10 adults in a room, turn on an educational TV show about explicit sex and watch what happens. For every person who stares and slobbers, another will close his or her eyes and complain. But why? The reason is the same today as it was 50 years ago: Sex is taboo. A new sexual revolution is being waged, but you won’t hear any cries of victory just yet. Digital Journal‘s lifestyle columnist, Julia Suppa, takes a look at the media and entertainment industry to find out if all is quiet on the sexual front.
  • PLUS! Many more in-depth features exploring issues of the day, including Learning on Demand by David Onley; a critique of the movie industry’s over-use of special effects by Bill Doskoch; Andrew MacDougall profiles a 15-year-old girl who found a way to reduce 60 per cent of the brain-cell death associated with Alzheimer’s disease; and a photo essay by Kazuyoshi Ehara, a photographer who captured powerful and poignant moments of his grandfather’s fight with Alzheimer’s Disease.


  • Essential Digital Gear: Check out the Top 5 of Digital Journal‘s wish list of must-haves. This is your guide to buying the best gadgets on the market.
  • Showcase: A showcase of some new technology that and impressive new gear.
  • The Digital Journal Inbox: Digital Journal tech advice columnist, Jim Sanderson, takes more of your tech questions and gives advice for all your computer woes.
  • Plus, pick up your copy of Digital Journal for your chance to win a 57-inch TV from Epson!

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Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur who has worked in publishing, digital media, broadcasting, advertising, social media & marketing, data and analytics. Chris is a partner in the media company Digital Journal, content marketing and brand storytelling firm Digital Journal Group, and Canada's leading digital transformation and innovation event, the mesh conference.

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