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Editor’s Note: Summer 2005

Digital Journal — Mark Twain once said, “Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered — either by themselves or by others.”

A simple thought, but the quote has deeper meaning; our world is defined by the people who influence it, and this issue of Digital Journal was inspired by the geniuses who help fire up our lives, the idealists who fight to better society and the virtuosos who challenge us to think differently.

In our exclusive Inspire section, Digital Journal introduces you to the innovative icons who are leaders in their industries. Be it in science, sports or film, these individuals have gone above and beyond expectations. Digital Journal is a major sponsor of the renowned ideaCity conference held each year in Toronto, so we are featuring many of the great minds that have appeared at this think-fest. The others are personalities Digital Journal has been following closely, from celebrities like Jon Stewart to rising stars like pharmaceutical phenom Victoria Hale.

From people to products, Digital Journal also fills this issue with technology that redefines our digital lives. We know gadgets are only as good as the benefits they offer, and technology is only important when it impacts people.

This issue features technology that impacts you. We offer advice to start a personal digital darkroom; our Top Five list of essential digital gear; tips to save you money in long-distance phone calls by switching to VoIP; reviews of products not worthy of your hard-earned cash; and a new section we call TechStyle, which blends fashion with function for a peek into digital living trends.

The Summer 2005 issue of Digital Journal combines sex, politics, business and science, so you can learn how those issues intersect with technology and digital lifestyle. Our central theme is the celebration of influential minds that affect private lives and public policy.

As Twain so elegantly put it: “Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re making sure that none of this greatness goes undiscovered.

Digital Journal Summer 2005 Issue Highlights:

Cover Story Digital Journal takes a look at Jon Stewart and his role in revolutionizing the television talk show. This feature is part of Digital Journal‘s exclusive Inspire section! The word “inspire” originally meant “to breathe into,” which is undoubtedly appropriate for the industry icons profiled in the Summer 2005 issue. Digital Journal presents innovative people who breathe life into their craft, whether it be art, media, social activism or science. These aren’t imitators; these are role models who will inspire future generations of geniuses par excellence.

INSPIRE section In addition to Jon Stewart, Digital Journal looks at Hollywood’s Natalie Portman; The Tragically Hip lead singer Gord Downie; Basketball great LeBron James; business-tech guru Mark Cuban; and many, many more! The exclusive Inspire section is jam-packed with info on today’s hottest and most influential people, and you will only find it in Digital Journal magazine!

Sex, Shoes and CD-ROMS Museums have always displayed history for history’s sake. Like many of our cultural hubs, museums have been accused of being elitist and overly authoritative. Today, some museums are working to shake the old stereotype that they are boring, hollow, gloomy spaces where historical artifacts are revered. Today, risqué innovators are catering to new ideas and desires, and museums are finally interested in what interests you.

Pimp My Radio Want to see the Next Big Thing? Look in your driveway. No, not the oil stain under your car. It’s the humble car radio, which is about to get its biggest makeover since 1906. The revolution is satellite radio and car makers are banking on the star power of A-list celebs like 50 Cent, Eminem and Pamela Anderson to give your ride an overhaul. Its benefits would appeal to any AM/FM junkie: digitally encoded CD-quality sound, scores of mostly commercial-free channels and the ability to listen to any station no matter where you are in North America. Digital Journal tech columnist Jack Kapica investigates.

Game Over The next generation of video game consoles promises everything from cool graphics to features galore. But what about gameplay and that little thing called “innovation”? Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo: Get real. Digital Journal takes a critical look at next-generation video game consoles.

Lost in the Desert A courageous Digital Journal writer gets lost in the Arizona desert — on purpose. Her survival hinges on two portable GPS devices.

The New Face of Man Cosmetics. Facelifts. Microdermabrasion. The rough and rugged look has been left in the 5 o’clock shadows, as more and more men are discovering the importance of looking good.

World Wide Wines From California to Australia, winemaking is adopting technology borrowed from NASA and beyond. Digital Journal takes a look at how technology has impacted the art of wine making.

The White-Haired Wonder It has been 100 years since Albert Einstein’s “miracle year,” but a glance at today’s gadgets proves that he changed the future. David Onley takes a look at Albert Einstein’s discoveries and shows how this white-haired wonder gave us DVDs, PCs and lasers.

War of the Words Chances are that unless your professional life is immersed in online media, you might not have noticed all the chatter going on about “citizen journalism.” It’s the newest online trend, and it could change how you get your news and information. Digital Journal investigates how the mainstream media might be up the creek and getting padded as a new wave of voices floods the market.

PLUS! Many more in-depth features exploring issues of the day, including new cell phone technology, reviews, information on VoIP, and the latest gadgets!


  • Essential Digital Gear: Check out the Top 5 of Digital Journal‘s wish list of must-haves. This is your guide to buying the best gadgets on the market.
  • TechStyle: A new section in Digital Journal magazine, TechStyle blends fashion with function for a peek into digital living trends.
  • The Digital Journal Inbox: Digital Journal tech advice columnist, Jim Sanderson, takes more of your tech questions and gives advice for all your computer woes.
  • The Digital Journal Lemon Award: We recognize the gadgets that make life much harder and tell you what to avoid buying when you go out to make your next purchase.
  • Plus, pick up your copy of Digital Journal for your chance to WIN more than $10,000 in prizes!

    There is much, much more waiting for you in this expanded issue of Digital Journal magazine, so pick up your copy in bookstores across Canada and the United States!Digital Journal is available in Chapters and Indigo bookstores across Canada. The magazine is also available at Barnes & Nobles across the United States. You can also subscribe to Digital Journal now, and receive 8 issues for $29.95 + GST ($48.95 USD).

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