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Editor’s Note – Fall 2005

Digital Journal — Imagine a world where doctors operate over the Internet, women get pregnant without sperm and genes are turned on and off to fight disease. The realm of science fiction is about to go mainstream and Digital Journal is following it closely.

In our exclusive New Wave section, Digital Journal looks at the future and its impact on everything from fertility to Frankenfood. We bring you the latest information from doctors, scientists, technologists and the military. We travel across North America and take you behind the scenes in an exclusive story about Cirque du Soleil and the future of entertainment; we look at how the video game industry is hopping into bed with Hollywood; and we invite you to the unveiling of the future smart home. Our in-depth, 28-page special section crystal-balls everything you need to know about tomorrow. Some ideas are weird, some almost unbelievable. With major advancements in science and technology being made every day, the face of the future might surprise you.

In addition to our cover section, Digital Journal brings you the latest tech toys and in-depth reviews; we give you our list of Essential Digital Gear and Digital Journal‘s technology columnist rips apart the cellphone industry in an article you won’t want to miss. Plus, there’s much more waiting for you inside.

The Fall 2005 issue of Digital Journal brings you a world that has yet to be discovered. As John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

We’re making sure your vision of tomorrow is clear so you don’t miss anything.

Digital Journal Fall 2005 Highlights:

Cover Story Digital Journal goes behind the scenes at the ultimate live production, Cirque du Soleil, to give you a never-before-seen look at the company that is sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry. A spectacular mix of acrobatics, music, dance and theatre, Cirque has attracted more than 50 million spectators for good reason: Quite simply, it’s the future of entertainment and this in-depth article with exclusive photography explains why.

NEW WAVE section Chew on this: Pregnant men, robot armies, food that always stays fresh, surgery through the Internet, home automation via cellphone and a gene-based fountain of youth. It’s not science fiction — it’s Digital Journal‘s exclusive 28-page section delving into breakthroughs that will impact your life for better or for worse.

Amsterdam: Red, Hot and Legal Known for sex, drugs and dreadlocked tourists, Amsterdam has been called a “bourgeois hell.” Digital Journal columnist Julia Suppa goes to the real Vice City to learn more about live sex shows, marijuana cafes and those infamous window prostitutes.

My Cellphone, My Enemy Sometimes there can be too many features for a gadget that should just make and take phone calls. Digital Journal columnist Jack Kapica investigates how feature creep is becoming a threat to the free-market economy.

The Blend Trend Imagine The Beatles mixed with Jay-Z. Or Green Day spliced into Aerosmith. The bootlegging culture of “bastard pop” is burrowing its way up from the underground as mash-ups move to the mainstream. Digital Journal talks to some of the biggest names in the biz to uncover the latest trends in tunes.

Screw the Taxman The Internet has always been a hotbed of wacky but harmless ideas. That’s not the case with the anti-tax movement: These money-saving schemes can cost you everything. Digital Journal looks into the weird world of the anti-tax movement.

Quest for the Holy Ale Beer isn’t just for keg parties and Sunday afternoon football. Sophisticated drinkers realize that good brew can offer experiences that rival those of the fanciest wines and liqueurs. Digital Journal reviews five beers you have to try before you die.

Perfect Pitch Meet the maestros of high fidelity. Montreal-based Totem Acoustic is making sound waves in the audio industry with its intense attention to detail. Digital Journal shows you how good sound can change your whole movie-watching experience.

How to Get Microsoft Out of Your System Microsoft Windows is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and everyone knows a lot changes with age. Your vision starts to fade, you become forgetful and you spend most of your time and money preventing your ports from failing. Digital Journal offers advice on how to inject your PC with young blood so your computer can age gracefully.

PLUS! more fascinating features exploring current affairs, photo management software, everything you need to know about PVRs, the latest DVDs and CDs, and reviews of more than 60 new gadgets!


  • Essential Digital Gear: Check out the Top 5 of Digital Journal‘s wish list of must-haves. This is your guide to buying hardcore hardware such as notebooks, cellphones, camcorders and plasma TVs.
  • TechStyle: A stylized section designed to impress, TechStyle blends fashion with function for a peek into digital living trends.
  • The Digital Journal Inbox: Digital Journal tech advice columnist, Jim Sanderson, takes more of your tech questions and gives advice for all your computer woes.
  • The Digital Journal Lemon Award: We blast the gadgets that suck so you can avoid these pathetic excuses for technology
  • PLUS!, pick up your copy of Digital Journal for your chance to WIN one of three Toshiba Portégé R200 notebooks!

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