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Director David Tice talks about his ‘Grid Down Power Up’ film

Director and producer David Tice opened up about his documentary film “Grid Down Power Up.”

David Tice
David Tice. Photo Courtesy of David Tice
David Tice. Photo Courtesy of David Tice

Director and producer David Tice opened up about his documentary film “Grid Down Power Up.”

It’s a documentary about what would happen if the United States power grid were to ever shut down. It dives into what could cause it and what we can do to prevent it.

In the wake of a pandemic and after Russia has incited war against Ukraine, a documentary about a threat lying in wait couldn’t come at a better time. “Grid Down” is a film produced and directed by David Tice, detailing the danger present in every city across America of which many are oblivious: the vulnerability of our Power Grid. David Tice skillfully presents the problem, explained by experts across many fields and political stances.

In the final chapter, he shares resources and viable actions that any citizen could take to solve this looming problem hidden in the underbelly of negligence. “Grid Down” serves as more than just a whistleblower, but a call to action. This brilliantly crafted film not only tells us the truth but sparks a hunger to learn more about this serious, world-changing reality.

The threat to our Power Grid and the apocalyptic danger it presents seems to have been veiled for decades. Yet, your film engages the viewers with expert knowledge and deep insight into how the Grid functions, the organizations behind the industry, and the government’s role. How did you find out about this situation?

I’ve been a geopolitical junkie for a number of years. I’ve followed brilliant geopolitical analysts going back two decades and I’ve studied Russian defectors. I’m a huge fan of a true Patriot, Dr. Peter Pry, who has a huge role in our film

“Grid Down” features many experts and key players that speak about the vulnerability of the US Power Grid. Each frame and interview illustrate the reality in a way anyone can understand. You were able to get honest voices to share their knowledge on this vital cornerstone of our world. Were there any other experts or voices you wanted to interview in the film, but who were unable or unwilling to?

There are many experts in this field and I could certainly have found others who would have provided more insight. However, I’m very pleased with the depth of the perspective we’ve delivered with this film.

In “Grid Down” there are multiple players in the Grid’s function that are called out for not doing all they can to solve the problem. As an experienced director and producer, you could have made a film about any subject. At any point during making this powerful film did anyone try to stop you or ask you to step back? No, this hasn’t been the case.

The film explains how the threat to our Grid has been present and known about for decades, yet no federal-level action has taken place to fix it. Now, we’re facing a possible war with Russia – cited as one of the biggest enemies to our Grid. Yet, it seems the public still seems in the dark about the Grid. What immediate action would you call concerned watchers to do?

Go to our website and help spread the word. Email your friends and urge them to learn about this issue. Participate in our email writing campaign to write your legislators and regulators. Talk to your locally-based friends and neighbors about getting your municipal leaders to learn about this issue and take action. If you know of influential individuals with massive followers, inform them about this issue.

The passion and urgency are felt behind this expertly made documentary, leaving the viewer inspired to learn more. Will there be a follow-up film to this in the future? Are there any other projects in the works to support the film?

It’s possible that we produce some short follow-up films. We’ll also be releasing a ‘Director’s Cut’ which will be about ninety minutes long. We have formed the ‘C-Suite Energy Security Council’ which will provide the organization for individuals and organizations to get involved and work to ‘execute’ to ensure that our grid is protected. We’re very excited about this Council, which will allow this movie to convert into a movement.

To learn more about “Grid Down Power Up,” visit its website.

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