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Digital Journal’s New Issue Features Essential Digital Gear, a Hot Tech-Fashion Section and the World’s Most Controversial Rebel Celebs

Digital Journal — After being sued for $500 million, Howard Stern went apeshit on his former boss, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “I Hate Les Moonves.” Two years ago, when The Passion of the Christ was released, Stern called the film a “kook festival for a robotic freak audience.” The brash radio DJ even told veteran interviewer Larry King he looked like a frog.

While I don’t always agree with the controversial shock jock, I admire him. He doesn’t hold back the truth for fear of pissing off someone, and he challenges everything everyone says. He’s always been a rebel.

Like them or not, the world is better off with people who aren’t willing to bend to authority. In this age of corporate nepotism and PR spin for the sake of saving face, it’s encouraging to know some ballsy men and women are standing up for their beliefs. They flip the bird to authority and live life their way: Dave Chappelle deflects corporate pressure to become an independent comedian, Lewis Lapham implores America to impeach President Bush and product designer Ora Ito rips off high fashion just for kicks.

Celebrating this rebellious streak, Digital Journal presents this issue inspired by the 10 most rebellious people in the world. We break all the rules of what a typical tech magazine should publish, giving voice to more than just the gadget makers and gear heads.

In this issue, we investigate the extent to which lifestyle, fashion, business, sex, politics and technology intersect. Sure, it’s not all hardcore technology, but interpreting a digital lifestyle calls for insight beyond product specs.

Here’s to all those who are brave enough to be different.

For a sneak peek inside Digital Journal‘s new printed edition, click here!

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Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur who has worked in publishing, digital media, broadcasting, advertising, social media & marketing, data and analytics. Chris is a partner in the media company Digital Journal, content marketing and brand storytelling firm Digital Journal Group, and Canada's leading digital transformation and innovation event, the mesh conference.

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