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Digital Journal Letters to the Editor: Winter 2006

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What the Critics are Saying:
“If you like keeping up with the latest digital gadgets and trends but can’t be bothered to wade through tech-heavy magazines like Wired, then Digital Journal may be more your style. This Canadian glossy quarterly offers a bright and breezy guide to anything from VoIP and GPS to the latest cameras and fitness machines as well as Lemon Awards to products that suck. You can read all the latest and recent content free at their website.” — Chris Gibbons, Bermuda Sun

RE: Digital Journal magazine:
I spent four years in the magazine business as head of Rogers Media including Rogers Publishing, then Maclean Hunter, and I loved it. I received copies of your publication which is very impressive — good-looking and interesting content. — John H. Tory, Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (Toronto, Ontario)

RE: Digital Journal magazine:
Just passing along my kudos to the Digital Journal team. I came across a copy of the magazine floating around the Toronto Sun building and I had to drop you a line to say GOOD JOB! The design is terrific and the content interesting, relevant and, when it is fitting, quirky. Thanks for a great read. — Tanya Enberg, Senior Editor, 24 Hours (Toronto, Ontario)

RE: Karla film review. (To read the original article, go to and enter in RA4377): Thank you for the very balanced and intelligent review of Karla. It struck me that you were able to grasp our intention in creating this film. I can’t say the same for some of the other reviews out there although we understand the deeply felt emotions of the Canadian people involving this story. I like the fact Digital Journal were even-handed and responsive to what I think are good performances by the lead actors. My compliments to your insights into the personalities of those characters. — Joel Bender, director of Karla (Los Angeles, California)

RE: Mike Drach’s article “The Weird Ideas of Tax Cheaters.” (To read the original article, go to and enter in RA4329): Mike Drach’s income tax article was ridiculously lacking in a proper explanation of why the so-called “tax cheaters” have their position. It’s blatantly obvious that the code is being improperly applied to citizens, which makes me wonder if Drach was paid by someone to confuse the public under mounting pressure from a burgeoning group of citizens aware of the fraud. — Leon (Napa, California)

RE: Mike Drach’s article “The Weird Ideas of Tax Cheaters.” (To read the original article, go to and enter in RA4329): Who is this innocently ignorant Mike Drach and his “story?” I have not been required to pay income taxes since 1988 and I claim that fact boldly… Before this Mike Drach goes spouting off his own conspiracy theories about the conspiracy theorists, perhaps he should do himself and everyone else the service of getting some knowledge. As it is, with his low level of knowledge as demonstrated, he is the one who looks the fool. — David Butterfield, Educator and Defender of Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Mountain View, California)

RE: Digital Journal’s article about Four Seasons Mexicana Week (To read the original article, go to and enter in RA4312): Last night I checked your online magazine, and found the article about the fashion lunch at the Four Seasons. It is very good! Actually, we want to pass the link among the Mexican community and the media if you give the permission. — Alejandro Monsiváis, Consulate General of Mexico (Mexico)

RE: Digital Journal magazine:
I’m a big fan of Digital Journal. It gets better every quarter. I think it’s really developing a unique voice now which is very refreshing. Congrats, and thanks, to you and your team — Mark Jones, Fleishman-Hillard (Toronto, Ontario)

RE: Christopher Hogg’s review of Totem Acoustic speakers. (To read the original article, go to and enter in RA4334): The response to your story was very positive and we have had great feedback from individuals who have picked up the issue. Thanks! — Nico Bruzzese, North American Sales Manager, Totem Acoustic (Montreal, Quebec)

RE: Digital Journal magazine, Cirque du Soleil Issue:
The layout looks great! I think it’s a great piece. The cover looks terrific and the photos are beautiful. — Chantal Côté, Senior Publicist, Cirque du Soleil (Montreal, Quebec)

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