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Delilah opens up about ‘One Heart at a Time’ book, radio career (Includes interview)

Her book was published by RosettaBooks and it was subsequently distributed by Simon and Schuster. Delilah acknowledged that it was a “cathartic” process to write this book, and it was the “hardest thing that she has ever written” and at the same time, perhaps the “best thing” she has ever written. “I just couldn’t finish it,” she said. “I wanted to write Zack’s story myself. I found the courage to finish it and it was so hard.”

She acknowledged that it has been the tough moments in life that have helped define her. “I had an amazing year two years ago, and I won awards and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and those things were awesome, and it felt like being at the top of the mountain,” she said. “The hard times, for me, were the times where I had nothing and I was struggling, and I was hanging on the thread of hope that things would be awesome. I liked the challenge.”

Each day, Delilah is motivated by her natural drive. “I was born this way,” she said. “I still love getting up, taking on the challenges of the day, and I love my life.”

Delilah is one of the most-listened-to women in America, where each week, eight to 10 million listeners tune in across 161 stations in the United States. She is a mother of 13 children, 10 of which she adopted.

In 2016, Delilah was inducted in the National Radio Hall of Fame.

For aspiring radio hosts and authors, Delilah encouraged them to persevere and to never give up, no matter how many times they may get knocked down or kicked to the curb. “If you truly believe you have a gift to share, go for it. Don’t listen to the naysayers and don’t give up,” she said.

Looking back over the last decade, Delilah sees “a lot of tears, especially the last two years being the hardest two years of my life. I also see a lot of laughter and a lot of love.” “My husband and I are an anomaly since most of our friends are retiring and moving to sunnier places, and we are adopting more kids. People think we’re crazy, but we truly love the journey that God has us on. There is nothing that we enjoy more than creating memories with young people. We absolutely love it,” she said.

She revealed that her 18-year-old self would have wanted to become a “doctor.” “I couldn’t pass chemistry in college, and I was already in radio. I was thinking I was going to go into medicine but instead I became the doctor of love,” she said.

Digital transformation of the radio industry

On the impact of technology on the radio industry, Delilah said, “It’s funny. 85 to 90 percent of Americans still use terrestrial radio at least once a day. Even though technology has added a lot of options, people still love listening to the radio. I love technology for a lot of reasons, and I dislike it for as many. I like it for instant access but I hate the way that it has impacted relationships.”

Delilah added, “I feel that a lot of the health crises that we are dealing with in this nation, such as diabetes and obesity, is a direct result of too much technology. I love the fact that there are more options for people to their listening choices because they are just finding me on new devices in new ways. Even if you don’t have regular terrestrial radio, and you have a device, you can find me 24/7. Wherever you go, you can find me.”

Regarding the key to a good podcast, Delilah underscored that it is all about the “content.” “If you have good content that is exciting and compelling, people will listen,” she said. “I love doing our podcast, ‘Love Someone with Delilah,’ since I get to go a little deeper.”

In addition to being a beloved radio personality, she is the founder of Point Hope, which was founded to be a voice for forgotten children and their families. This nonprofit organization restores hope and provides purpose, in order to save people’s lives.

In her spare time, Delilah enjoys raising her kids, as well as her grandchildren. “I make sugar cookies,” she said, with a sweet laugh. “Today, I cut out about 32 Valentine’s cookies for my daughter to help her.”

Delilah defined the word success as a “life well lived with rich, strong, true loving relationships.” “I believe one day I will stand before the Lord, and I don’t think He is going to care about my ratings, or how many stations I was on, I know He’s not going to care about the money that I made, but He is going to care about the relationships that I have fostered along the way,” she said.

For her dedicated fans and listeners, Delilah concluded, “What a journey it has been. Thank you. If I had to get a real job, I wouldn’t know what to do. I would be so bummed if I didn’t get to go to the studio each night.”

To learn more about Delilah, check out her official homepage.

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