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‘Dark Souls’ comes to an end: 3rd installment is its last

Although the last episode was deemed the most successful of this incredibly popular video game franchise, his father, director Hidetaka Miyazaki, announced to GNN Gamer that he wants to move on and focus on different things. He did not reduce the chance of a future return of the series in the future to “zero percent” to use his own words, however, he clearly explained that the studio is already developing a new brand. Fans of the gloomy world of Dark Souls will be happy to hear that FromSoftware confirmed that the first DLC will be ready this fall, though, even if no news about its content have been announced yet.

Dark Souls 3 received universal praise from both players and critics, thanks to its great action gameplay and incredibly suggestive atmosphere and setting. The addition of a multiplayer option kept the ember flame of this game burning for all those who want to keep invading other player’s worlds after finishing the game over and over again. People can, in fact, choose to play cooperatively to fend off the incredibly hard difficulty of this game’s bosses and enemies, or just bash each other one in the head with the vast amount of different specs and weapon sets currently available.

So what can we make of the convoluted ending of a franchise that could be considered as of the greatest ones in video gaming industry? All three episodes in the Souls series (four if we include Bloodborne, despite it being technically a different IP) just share really scant traces of a common plot or history. We don’t even know if the mysterious undead that relentlessly keeps killing all his enemies without saying even a word is the same entity that keeps reincarnating. One of the main highlights of this series’ flavor was the purportedly obscure and convoluted narrative that just provided questions to his audience rather than proper answers. Who is the undead? What happened to the world of Lothric? Why does everybody keep coming back from his grave? Who are the Lords of Cinder? Some even suggested that the apparent lack of an ending was intended as a design choice to represent the cyclical nature of a never-ending loop.

Still, it’s quite hard to understand Miyazaki’s decision to shut off Souls right now, when the franchise’s popularity just reached its zenith.

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