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Dan Feuerriegel talks about his 2023 Emmy nomination for ‘Days of Our Lives’

Actor Dan Feuerriegel chatted about his 2023 Daytime Emmy nomination for playing EJ DiMera on “Days of Our Lives” on Peacock.

Dan Feuerriegel
Dan Feuerriegel. Photo Credit: Chris Haston, NBC
Dan Feuerriegel. Photo Credit: Chris Haston, NBC

Actor Dan Feuerriegel chatted about his 2023 Daytime Emmy nomination for playing EJ DiMera on “Days of Our Lives” on Peacock.

Playing EJ DiMera

A native of Australia, Feuerriegel is now based in Los Angeles, California. He is known for his portrayal of EJ DiMera on “Days of Our Lives.”

On his Daytime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series” for this role, Feuerriegel said, “It felt really really good. It’s nice to have a little bit of peer recognition so I am very humbled by it but I am also very excited.”

Emmy reel

Feuerriegel shared the two scenes that he submitted in his Emmy reel. “One scene was with EJ and Marlena (Deidre Hall) where EJ is discussing how he believes he is the one responsible for the death of Abigail (Marci Miller) and the death of his mother Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk), and putting Belle (Martha Madison) in harm’s way. EJ is very regretful, and Marlena is trying to talk him out of it… it’s just him baring his soul,” he explained.

“The second scene was me and Rafe (Galen Gering) sitting across from my mother’s crash site, and basically just me mindlessly numb and answering questions to Rafe. I thought those two scenes best represented my work last year, and luckily enough, they got through,” Feuerriegel elaborated.

The DiMeras sweep the 2023 Emmy nominations

Feuerriegel is thrilled that the actors that played DiMera characters swept the Daytime Emmy nominations this year, such as Billy Flynn, Cary Christopher, and Stacy Haiduk.

“We are doing well… the DiMeras are representing,” he exclaimed.

Virtual and in-person fan events

Feuerriegel opened up about participating in the “Beyond Salem” in-person Star Struck fan event in New Jersey this past April. “It was good, it was fun, I had never been to New Jersey… it was packed but it was great, and that made it go a lot faster. I was very happy about that, it was lovely to meet everyone,” he said.

On May 16, he will be a part of a Star Image Entertainment Zoom event with fellow “Days of Our Lives” co-star Brandon Barash, which benefits Cedars CanSupport. “I think it will be great to chat with everyone… and do that with Brandon Barash is awesome because he is a good human,” he said.

Feuerriegel will be a part of the “Party in Vegas” event on August 19, 2023. “That is going to be a lot of fun,” he foreshadowed. “I am looking forward to it. It will be fun to hang out in Las Vegas and to see everybody there again.”

On September 9 and 10, 2023, Feuerriegel will also be a part of “Samantha’s Friends,” which benefits the Southeastern Guide Dogs. “It is always fun to go to Sarasota, Florida, and hang out with that great group of people. I am looking forward to hanging out with everybody there too and having a good time,” he said.

Favorite storylines on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Feuerriegel revealed that one of his favorite storylines that he has ever done is “being filmed right now.” Although he can’t say anything about it yet, he is “looking forward to seeing how people react to it.”

He also noted that he enjoys doing the “big group scenes” such as “weddings” because everybody gets to be there, in the same room at the same time. “Those are a lot more of a festive and fun atmosphere,” Feuerriegel admitted. “I always enjoy those storylines.”

Martha Madison

From his own show “Days of Our Lives,” he shared that he would love to do more scenes with Martha Madison. “I love working with Martha Madison, she is fantastic, and we have such a great rapport together,” he said.

“I would work with Martha until the cows come home. She is absolutely amazing,” he added.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “You’re Doing Good, Kid.”

In the future, he hopes that his graphic novel makes it into a TV series. “I would love that,” he admitted.


Feuerriegel defined the word success as “being happy in your job.” “You might not be super famous, but you love what you do… Also, you might not be super rich but you are comfortable,” Feuerriegel said.

“Success also means being stable financially, stable In life, healthy, and healthy. I would deem that a very successful life,” Feuerriegel added.

Feuerriegel thanks the fans

For his loyal fans, Feuerriegel expressed, “I am very grateful for you. It’s still something that doesn’t always hit home… that something that I do as a job, that’s fun for me, can have an impact on people’s lives, and people can enjoy it and love what I do.”

“Thank you for all of the support, thank you for being with me in the ups and downs, and I greatly appreciate the fans always,” he added.

To learn more about Emmy-nominated actor Dan Feuerriegel, follow him on Instagram, and check out his IMDb page.

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