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Indie artist Zach Nytomt discusses his current activities (Includes interview)

Love Street Blues was a pretty assured debut from a young man who only recently turned 25. Featuring nine tracks that displayed an emotional and creative depth often far beyond the reach of someone in their early 20s, it offered a pleasing glimpse of Zach Nytomt‘s undoubted potential.

Two years later and the ambitious singer-songwriter, a former student at Texas State University in San Marcos, is hard at work on new material, in between taking his show out on the road. “I’ve been travelling with a band called Shane Smith & the Saints and they’ve been on tour around Texas and Oklahoma to Kansas,” he reveals from his home in the Texas state capital.

“I’ve been writing with a guy named Brett Hauser. He’s an amazing songwriter down here in Austin and we’ve actually been working on my sophomore album. I came out with one two years ago in May of 2013 and as far as that goes, we’re probably about to hit the studio in a couple of months in Austin and try to have it released by the fall of this year. It’s pretty exciting…”

Zach’s first album certainly contained some compelling tracks – he cites “Townes” “The Flood” and “Miss Jones” as his personal favourites – and I enquired as to whether the songs for album number two were written and ready to be cut.

“Pretty much, yeah… We wrote them in a year and a half and some of the songs I wrote with Brett Hauser in the past four months. We’ve been kind of busy as far the songwriting process goes, but now we’re about to get busy with the pre-production. Gordy Quist from the Band of Heathens is gonna help produce this record and I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’d say there’s gonna be some soul, some truth and some blues,” says the musician who shares a manager with Texas Country star Kyle Park (Park recommended him), of what we can expect from the new album. “Sometimes when I go in the studio I really don’t know what to expect, but I usually say it’s gonna be like Americana blues.”

Does it have a title?

“Yeah, it does… We’re gonna call it New York to Montana. The abbreviation of course is N-Y-T-O-M-T and that’s how you spell my last name. I’m gonna do that trip and document it and videotape it, from New York to Montana, stop at some venues, play some music…”

For anyone curious as to wear Zach’s unusual last name comes from, wonder no more: “It’s Swedish. My dad he came to the United States back in the ’80s and met my mom. They fell in love and they’ve been married for 32 years. They reside in Dallas, where I’m originally from.

“Everyone is so shocked when they hear it here in America because it is so different. I’m proud of that name and hopefully people won’t have too much trouble trying to pronounce it!”

To conclude, we discussed Zach’s achievements thus far. “I’m so proud and humbled right now to be working with the Wounded Warriors and I’ve been playing music for those guys as well, sitting round a campfire and taking them out hunting with an organisation called Trinity Oaks.

“That and also making MusicFest up in Steamboat this year with guys like Jason Boland & the Stragglers and William Clark Green… It’s just been a wonderful year so far.”

For more information on Zach Nytomt, visit his official website.

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