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Country producer Brent Rowan talks Joe Nichols, ‘Never Gets Old’ (Includes interview)

Rowan collaborated with Nichols on two songs, the title track and “Diamonds Make Babies.” “I was able to finish the record with him, so I was able to do those last two songs. ‘Never Gets Old’ was one of the original songs that he sent to me, and I loved that song. I thought it was a timeless song, and it should be done by a timeless artist, who I think Joe Nichols is,” he said.

Nichols‘ new single “Never Gets Old” garnered a rave review from Digital Journal. “My favorite records and the ones Joe sounds the best on are just timeless. You don’t know if they were cut 20 years ago, or if they are cut 20 years from now,” he said. “It showcases him and the lyric and the melody. That’s the focus of the production. Obviously, there are a lot of intricacies and a lot of internal parts going on. They speak to you in a very calming way.”

Rowan shared that the song “Diamonds Make Babies” is “more up-tempo” and it has a “Bakersfield swagger.” “It showcases Joe in the very best way. It is very new but it pays respect to all things traditional.”

Throughout his career in the music business, Rowan worked with such acclaimed country artists as John Conlee, Alabama, Alan Jackson, Chris LeDoux, Clay Walker and Blake Shelton.

For more information on Joe Nichols and his new music, check out his official homepage.

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