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Constantine Maroulis talks about starring in the vampire musical ‘Blood/Love’

Tony-nominated actor Constantine Maroulis chatted about starring in the vampire rock popera “Blood/Love.”

Constantine Maroulis
Constantine Maroulis. Photo Credit: Ricky Gee.
Constantine Maroulis. Photo Credit: Ricky Gee.

Tony-nominated actor Constantine Maroulis chatted about starring in the vampire rock popera “Blood/Love.”

An “American Idol” alum, Maroulis will star in this vampire musical at Joe’s Pub on January 15 in New York City.


The show’s creator and female lead is Carey Sharpe. They are joined by Broadway performers Jelani Remy (“Back To The Future”) and Grammy-nominated Courtney Reed (“Moulin Rouge!”) who also appear in the one-night-only show. “I am excited about it,” he said.

“It’s a powerful and sexy piece that is in development, and there are some great people involved. It is always a pleasure to work on new material. It will have good music and great people. Joe’s Pub is an institution in New York, and I am excited to get there even for just one night,” he elaborated.

“I thought it was going to be a slow end of the year, and then, all of these projects took off at once,” he admitted.

Maroulis was inspired to take on the lead role in “Blood/Love” because the show shines an empathetic light on vampires. In this production, vampires aren’t simply cold monsters; like humans, they long for purpose and love. “This is how we have to look at all our characters,” he said. “In storytelling, we have to find the humanity of things, and where the hearts of the characters are at.”

Playing Anzik

Maroulis shared his thoughts on how his character, Anzik, trades his soul to the devil for talent and fame. “For me, people see my name and they see ‘Blood/Love’ and the vampire themes, and they assume that I am going to play a head vampire,” he said.

“I am actually not playing a vampire,” he revealed. “The music is exciting… it is very pop, contemporary rock and roll, and it has goth and electronic elements, so it should be pretty good for me,” he said.

For his fans, he remarked about “Blood/Love,” “It is such an exciting time for theater and live experiences, especially in the center of the universe… New York. I hope people go out to Joe’s Pub and see three top Broadway stars, and more, sing their faces off in an exciting new piece.”

“I hope it does really well; it is always nice for the audience to experience something in its earlier stages. “

‘Rock Out Autism’

In September of 2022, Maroulis was a part of a “Rock Out Autism” event, which was hosted at The Ivy Kitchen & Bar in Huntington, and it raised money for a charitable cause.

“I am grateful that all these years later, way after ‘American Idol,’ I still have a platform to give back and bring awareness to great causes like that, and to lend myself and my talent to uplift families that are hurting and facing different challenges with their children,” he said.

Rock Out Autism is a nonprofit foundation that raises money and awareness for the importance of autism services and peer mentorship. Musician and media personality Nick Tangorra serves as president of Rock Out Autism. “Nick put on a great event in such a cool little space, and we rocked out. Nick is a talented guy as well,” Maroulis said.

“It is wonderful to be able to be a part of things like that,” he said. “I love it, and I love being in a position to be philanthropic.”

To learn more about Constantine Maroulis, check out his official website, and follow him on Instagram.

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