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Cindy Busby talks about starring in the new Hallmark film ‘Marry Me in Yosemite’

Canadian actress Cindy Busby talks about starring in the new Hallmark film “Marry Me in Yosemite.”

Cindy Busby in 'Marry Me in Yosemite'
Cindy Busby in 'Marry Me in Yosemite.' Photo Courtesy of Johnson Production Group
Cindy Busby in 'Marry Me in Yosemite.' Photo Courtesy of Johnson Production Group

Canadian actress Cindy Busby talks about starring in the new Hallmark film “Marry Me in Yosemite,” which premieres on Saturday, September 3rd.

On being a part of “Marry Me in Yosemite,” she said, “Honestly, doing this film was better than I ever imagined. Yosemite National Park is one of those magical places where you go, and you change afterward. It was so overwhelmingly incredible.”

In “Marry Me in Yosemite,” Cindy Busby stars as Zoe, a notable photojournalist, who visits Yosemite landscapes made famous by Ansel Adams. “In a way, Zoe and I are similar because we both got to go there for the first time,” she admitted about her character.

“Sometimes, I feel that there wasn’t a lot acting going on, it was just authentic reactions around me,” she added.

When she meets Jack (played by Tyler Harlow), an intriguing tour guide, he opens her eyes to new adventures as they embark on a journey. “I’ve worked with so many wonderful co-stars over the years, and Tyler is one of my top picks,” she said. “Tyler is hilarious, super talented, and a really good guy. Tyler is a true professional.”

Along the way, a romantic relationship begins to build between Jack and Zoe. Jack encourages her to look “inside the photos” to see what they reveal, while Zoe helps Jack appreciate the artistry she has achieved.

As stunning as many of her photographs are, Zoe wants to take “that one photo that will show I’m an artist, not just another photographer.” But will her desire for perfection cost her more in the end?

“These days, I feel like people enjoy being outdoors more than ever before and it allows people to see what Mother Nature has to offer. There are so many national parks out there, and you can make a movie for every national park if you wanted to. It has been good, I love being outdoors. The weather in this movie was so stunning,” she added.

Recently Busby was spotlighted in the “Suspenders Unbuttoned” podcast, which focuses on Hallmark stars. “Julie and Sarah are so lovely. It was really nice. Fans are so incredibly supportive of these Hallmark movies, they want to see you flourish and in more movies. I always have fun doing these kinds of podcasts,” she said.

On the title of the current chapter of her life, Busby said, “Letting go and just be.” “It’s about allowing life to happen, and don’t try to always be in the driving seat. Enjoy the ride,” she said.

She said that she would love to work with Paul Campbell again, as well as Wes Brown.

Christie Will Wolf

Over the years, Busby had great words about working with the talented director and filmmaker Christie Will Wolf, who directed her in such movies as “Chasing Waterfalls” and “Warming Up to You.” “Christie is truly incredible. I absolutely adore her. I am very grateful to have her in my life. She is so supportive, talented, and badass. She’s a mom, writer, and director. When I grow up, I want to be like Christie,” she said.

On her definition of the word success, Busby explained, “Success is when you are truly at peace with yourself and can find joy in the little things and not the accomplishments. In the meantime, I am just going to live my life because it’s so short.”

For her fans, she concluded about “Marry Me in Yosemite,” “It’s a pure movie about mother nature and the natural park. The history of the national park is really important, and things are not always what they seem. I hope it inspires people to go on adventures. Nature is so important for humans to be around, it grounds us, clears our minds and it brings us peace. It is easy to get lost in cities but we find ourselves in nature.”

To learn more about Canadian actress Cindy Busby, follow her on Instagram.

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