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Christie Lenée talks music career, Rockwood Music Hall show (Includes interview)

On April 25, she will be performing at the Rockwood Music Hall in “The Big Apple.” “New York is one of my favorite cities in the world. After living Philadelphia for six years and visiting frequently, it’s always felt like another home. I’m excited to return and share all of the new music I’ve been working on, celebrations and the experience of musical Bliss. The city is always energizing so it’s going to be a good time,” she said.

She revealed that her music inspired by life, love and nature. “Years ago, I set my intention to be an inspirational songwriter, though over time I’ve come to realize that inspiration comes in many forms. Talking about the dark and the light, the beauty and moments of pain are all forms of inspiration,” she said.

Lenée continued, “Life experience calls upon the opportunity to take shape in the form of art, and with that, I am infinitely grateful to express that energy through music. I am inspired by the orchestrations of time’s perpetual motion, but even more so, the moments of silence between it all.”

On her plans for the future, she said, “I’m working on a series of contemporary singer/songwriter/guitar tracks with intention to release them monthly via streaming services and music videos. Each single will be released then begin taking shape in the form of an album later this year. Meanwhile, between extensive tour dates I’m spending as much time as possible in the studio between LA and Nashville. It’s been a blessing to work with some incredibly respected musicians and producers to help bring this next vision to life.”

She continued, “For the guitar listeners, I am also gradually working on recording some more solo acoustic music in conjunction with an entire instructional course that was just filmed via TrueFire TV. This course is set to release in June, entitled ‘Creative Fingerstyle Guitar for Songwriters.’ After winning the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship last year, I’ve been getting many emails from people regarding what tunings I use, my approach to finger-style and tapping guitar techniques and music composition. While I do my best to respond to all of these emails as elaborately as possible, it will be a real blessing to finally share this information in an extensive instructional course for everyone interested.”

She listed Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, as well as Dave Matthews Band, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran, and the Indigo Girls, as her dream collaboration choices. “It’s been a blessing to work with one my favorite guitarists in the world Tim Reynolds, guitarist from the Dave Matthews band over the years. One day I hope to get on stage with those guys and have a triple guitar jam with the band. That would pretty much be a dream come true. More duets with Tommy Emmanuel would also be extraordinary. Playing with him last year was one of the main highlights of 2017,” she said.

Digital transformation of music business

On the impact of technology on the music business, she said, “I’m personally inspired by the opportunity to do a Facebook live stream and have people in various countries watching at the same time. So many people try to fight the way that the music industry is going, but instead I’m doing my best to shift my mentality and embrace it.”

She continued, “The old methods of communicating music have changed and a musician and their team now have to be focused on constantly driving new content. Now with streaming opportunities, it’s appearing to be more practical to release one song a month and embrace the evolution of the industry. As much as this is all happening, however, I still feel that CDs and records are an incredible souvenir for fans. To me there”s nothing like holding a disc in your hand, even if it just sits on the shelf and you end up streaming it on a website anyway. As a listener and fellow lover of music myself, I am a 100 percent advocate for the streaming services and opportunities to discover new artists. What a beautiful phenomenon.”

On her use of technology in her daily routine, she said, “I enjoy using sonic enhancements with guitar pedals at live shows, frequently doing Facebook live streams and driving content through social media sites. As a composer of ensembles and symphonic music at heart, one of the greatest additions to my technology rig has been the TC Helicon Voice Live pedal. The guitar and microphone both run through it which enables a chance to do two and three part harmonies at a live show. Pairing that with a kick drum that runs through the sound system, a tambourine on my left foot and various effects, it enables a chance to make a pretty big sound with one voice and a solo acoustic instrument. The possibilities are infinite.”

For her fans, she concluded, “I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces again. Sure, it’s an 11 p.m. show on perhaps a ‘school’ night for some of us, but I promise I’ll do my best to make it worth it for you. Music is energizing, and what I’ve learned in this industry of constant go-go- go and often losing sleep, the adrenaline of performing makes it worth every second. It doesn’t matter how long the drive or plane ride, but the moment I get on stage and feel the energy of the people, I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. Come share in the love and joy.”

To learn more about Christie Lenée, check out her official website.

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