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Chic’s Kimberly Davis talks ‘My Fire,’ Madison Square Garden show (Includes interview)

My Fire,” where she collaborated with Nile Rodgers and DJ Tony Moran, just topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs charts. “I was uber excited,” she admitted. “It was a definite team effort. There was nothing going on without the team. We all did that!”

“I have been with Nile for eight years, so we know each other at this point, and I knew it would be great to do the song with us. Tony has been a fan, so it was awesome to get him in the studio too. I’ve done other songs with Tony before we even got to ‘My Fire.’ Tony is my bestie,” she said.

On August 7, Rodgers, Davis and the band Chic will be performing at Madison Square Garden, along with Earth, Wind & Fire. “The Barclays was a big deal, but The Garden is an even bigger deal,” she said. “The audience for Chic is usually overseas, and we are trying to build an audience here, so The Garden is definitely a good booking,” she added.

Kimberly Davis  Tony Moran and Nile Rodgers

Kimberly Davis, Tony Moran and Nile Rodgers
Kimberly Davis, Tony Moran and Nile Rodgers

Particularly impressive about Chic is that they have been nominated 11 times for the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and this year, Rodgers was honored with the “Award for Musical Excellence” by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The songstress opened up about the digital transformation of the music scene, and how it has shaped the industry in ways that she didn’t predict. “I didn’t predict CD sales, since everybody is downloading or bootlegging, so I totally understood Prince when he decided to sell his tickets through The Garden and put a CD in it, and then it would be a ticket and a CD at the same time, and that’s genius,” she said. “Prince was one of the first to do that. He wasn’t getting much for record sales, and that was seriously a great idea.”

Davis continued, “The industry is so different now, it’s insane. You love the fact that technology makes everything easier, but as far as being an artist, it’s hard, when you are not making that extra money off of album sales. It’s not as good as it used to be, but that’s why you come up with ideas like Prince did, since those ideas work.”

Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis cover art

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