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Chatting with Shawn Christian: Actor, artist, and life coach (Includes interview)

On life during the quarantine, he said, “I’ve been good. I am making things happen. When I am stuck, I always find a way out. I have been a little more productive during quarantine since it has kept me focused.”

“I have done more self-reflection and spent time with myself because now I have fewer distractions,” he said about the silver lining in the quarantine.

During the quarantine, he reiterated that he has done a lot of “self-reflection” as his main hobby.

He has played the role of Dr. Daniel Jonas in the popular NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. When asked how he handles dialogue-heavy, he said, “You just get disciplined, that’s really the source of it. You need to come prepared and know your lines. It goes at such a fast pace. The last thing you want to be doing on set is learning your lines. Do your homework, prepare your lines and understand the moment. It’s like any other muscle, the more you practice, the more it develops.”

For young and aspiring artists and actors, Christian said, “My biggest advice is to get to know yourself. Study acting, of course, and get yourself out there, and take healthy risks. Once you know yourself and your voice, you can lend that (and your soul) to the story. You need to be yourself.”

He noted it was a good experience to be on the digital series Venice: The Series, co-created by Crystal Chappell and Kim Turrisi, where he played Brandon. “Crystal is such a hard worker, and she cares so much, and she has a wonderful show. She’s great,” he said.

Regarding the key to longevity in acting and entertainment, he said, “Keep hustling and keep doing your thing. Get better at what you do. Keep honing your craft, and being a good human being. That’s really what it’s all about.”

He shared that he enjoyed being a part of “Daytime Cares,” which supports Feeding America and the Disaster Responder Assets Network. “That was fun and from the heart,” he said. “We raised some money but more importantly, we created awareness on the fact that restaurants are struggling as businesses. Feeding America is an incredible organization. It was great to work with the first responders as well. Those were two blessed moments for Daytime Cares.”

Christian revealed that he is always working on new projects. “There is always something I am working on,” he said. “I am writing another script for Hallmark and I am also doing a show that I am developing now called ‘Alive with Purpose’. I also do life coaching. People are struggling right now and they need some focus and guidance. We help people find their path in life, that’s what we do.”

On being an artist and content creator in the digital age, he said, “It’s all about doing things digitally. Everyone has a unique voice and they can express themselves.”

Each day, Christian is motivated by “gratitude.” “I wake up with gratitude every day,” he admitted. “I chose gratitude every day and it propels me forward every day.”

Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “Create the life that you imagine.” “That’s exactly where I am at, for sure,” he said.

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When asked which track and field event he would do, he listed the “long jump.” “I actually did track and field. I used to do long jump and sprints,” he said, prior to adding that his favorite stroke in swimming is the “freestyle.” “I was a lifeguard so swimming was a chore for me,” he said.

He defined the word success as “personal fulfillment” in life.

For his fans and supporters, he said, “A huge thank you to everybody out there. I still talk to fans from all the shows that I’ve been on. I am very grateful to them.”

To learn more about actor and artist Shawn Christian, check out his official website and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Shawn Christian
Shawn Christian
Photo by Josh James

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