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Chatting with Sean Wepener: Performing, reality TV, rugby, and the digital age

Sean Wepener chatted about performing, being a part of reality TV shows, the digital age, and he recalled his love for rugby.

Sean Wepener
Sean Wepener. Photo Credit: Japs Photography
Sean Wepener. Photo Credit: Japs Photography

Australian-based entertainer Sean Wepener chatted about performing, being a part of reality TV shows, the digital age, and he recalled his love for rugby.

Wepener is also a model, social influencer, reality TV show contestant, fitness professional, and a former rugby player.

Reality TV

He was a part of previous seasons of such reality TV shows “Heartbreak Island” and “FBoy Island Australia.” “FBoy Island was great, but the filming wasn’t as fun as ‘Heartbreak Island. It was a lot more intense. It was three weeks of intense everyday shooting,” he said.

“I made good friends and good friends with the producers,” he added. “There has been a lot of good publicity from it, the shows got wide coverage all around Australia, which was the main idea so that worked out well. Each week, people still come up to me and ask me if I am the guy from those reality shows.”

Sean Wepener
Sean Wepener. Photo Credit: Japs Photography

Touring Australia

Wepener is excited about his Australian tour with Magic Men Australia, especially because each week he is performing in a different place and a different venue.

“I am always excited. I love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” the Melbourne resident said.

2024 International Tour

He revealed that he will be a part of the 2024 Canadian Tour with Magic Men Australia. “Next year, I can’t wait for the international tour, which is getting bigger and better every time.”

Sean Wepener
Sean Wepener playing rugby. Photo Courtesy of Sean Wepener


A former rugby player for over 11 years, Wepener acknowledged that he does miss playing rugby.

“The Rugby World Cup finished last weekend, and South Africa was the reigning world champions. I am stoked about that because I am South African. I stayed up through the night to watch all of the rugby games. I think I only missed two or three games out of 48 matches,” he said.

“Rugby has been in my veins for the last 11 to 12 years,” he admitted. “It is definitely still something that I love to watch.”

“This brings back nostalgia because as I am watching, I am loving the games, especially seeing all of these developing nations getting better in the sport when they play the biggest teams such as New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia,” he elaborated.

“I do miss rugby because it makes me feel like I can still play and I do want to play, but I could never fit it in, especially performing and playing rugby at the same time. I would get bruised playing rugby and then I would have to go on stage and perform, so that would not be a good look,” he said with a sweet laugh.

The digital age

For Wepener, he noted that the digital age “is a way of life.” “The way I am trying to succeed is that I’m trying to take my audience on a journey with me, not just on-screen from reality TV shows but from behind-the-scenes as well of my daily life,” he explained.

“I am coming to grips with the digital age, and I think that’s where it’s at, and it’s the way to go,” he said.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Wepener said, “Catapulting to Success.” “My eyes are on the prize,” he admitted.

AI on the future of the industry

Wepener shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of the industry.

“AI is something I need to come to grips with because it is taking over,” he said. “The big companies have already included AI in their businesses, and it is something that smaller businesses must wrap their heads around to not fall behind. I’m excited for AI but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet so that’s my challenge. It is scary but I would need to learn how to use it as a tool.”

“Not being able to copyright something that AI created has its pros and its cons. I see that, for sure,” he added.


Wepener continues to equate success with “happiness.” “Success is financial freedom, more focused time (spending it on what you want), and spending time with things that will make you happy without worrying about a financial burden,” he explained.

To learn more about Sean Wepener, follow him on Instagram.

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