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Chatting with Kira Reed Lorsch: Emmy award-winning producer (Includes interview)

On her Emmy wins for The Bay, she said, “I loved being a producer on The Bay, and I was one of the original Emmy winners with them. It’s a fun thing I will always have. Initially, it was hard to be a producer, but it’s a great show and to win an Emmy was a great payoff. Gregori J. Martin, Kristos Andrews and Wendy Riche were so kind to me. I was given a great storyline as Jo Conners.”

“Producing was my background, I had produced television for 12 years. I’m a natural-born and experienced producer,” she said.

She had nothing but the kindest words about working with such veteran actors as Ronn Moss and Matthew Ashford. “Ronn Moss was very integral in getting me on the show,” she said. “I have been very good friends with his wife, Devin DeVasquez, for over 20 years. In my initial meeting for The Bay, both Ronn and Devin were there to vouch for me, so I am very grateful to them.”

“Then, I was paired up with actor Matthew Ashord, who plays Steve Jensen, and that was the most fun part, since we were the bad guys and the schemers. We got to play that really fun dynamic. He and I had a cat and mouse relationship on the show,” she said.

The hit digital drama series, The Bay, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall.

Actress and producer Kira Reed Lorsch

Actress and producer Kira Reed Lorsch
Brandin Rackley

On being an actress and a producer in the digital age, she said, “There are so many more opportunities. Everybody can make things, and there is no excuse. There are so many places where the digital age can go and that’s exciting. You don’t need to have a huge budget to make something that’s good and put it out there. It is great to have more opportunities.”

For young and aspiring actors, she said, “You need to create your own content. You need to really put yourselves out there. Make your own movies, write your own scripts, and you need to be executive producers of your own careers. You need to be authentic, know who you are, have a strong voice, and create your own content that you love.”

Each day, she is motivated by her rescue dog Missy. “She has been my best friend for many years. With Missy, I have somebody who needs me each day,” she said. “Also, I love creating, writing and collaborating with people and friends. These things help get me up in the morning.”

She defined the word success as “health and happiness.” “Also, the feeling that you’ve done a good job,” she said. “Success is a constant thing and it’s a process.”

For her fans, she concluded, “I am just so thrilled that I have fans. I have been in this business since I got my SAG card on the original 90210 as an extra when I was 17 years old. I’ve worked hard to get here and I am still here in my mid-40’s now, and I feel I am at the prime of my career and that’s exciting. I have my a new Facebook fan page, which is run by Angelique de Vries, where fans can go and check that out.”

To learn more about Emmy winner Kira Reed Lorsch, check out her official website. “My fans can also go to my website and join my fanclub, and they can connect with me there,” she said.

Actress and producer Kira Reed Lorsch

Actress and producer Kira Reed Lorsch
Brandin Rackley

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