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Chatting with Josh Swickard: Harrison Chase on ‘General Hospital’ (Includes interview)

On September 15, Swickard will be a part of the “General Hospital Fantasy” event at Magooby’s in Maryland. “I think it will be fun,” he said. “We get to sign autographs, take selfies with the fans and there is a 90 minute question and answer session, which should be fun.

At this event, Swickard will be joined by such co-stars as Eden McCoy, Wes Ramsey, William deVry, Tamara Braun, and Donnell Turner.

To learn more about this upcoming “General Hospital Fantasy” event in Maryland, click here.

Earlier this year, in February, he appeared at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown on Long Island, and Rockwells in Pelham, New York, as part of the “Men of General Hospital” event, alongside Donnell Turner and William deVry. “Those were so good. I love coming to the East Coast and getting to meet fans of the show. It is very special since you never know how people are going to take it, so when you get hands-on experience of meeting fans and hearing their thoughts and insights, it makes all the hard work come to fruition a little bit.”

At the Nurses Ball on the show this year, Swickard covered “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers. “That was a trip. It is so great that General Hospital has a Nurses Ball, which is so out of the ordinary of what daytime usually is. For me, it was a blast since I get to rehearse, sing and dance. Each year, they get better and better,” he said.

In his personal life, Swickard is newly-married to actress Lorynn York. “It’s great. It’s a fun chapter that we are in right now. We are just enjoying every day,” he said.

Most recently, the couple visited France. “France was beautiful. We got to get away and we took advantage of our time off from work. We unplugged a little bit and it was good,” he said.

Swickard will be a part of the indie film, The Reveal, where he will be starring with Kevan McClellan, Chloe Lanier and his wife, Lorynn. “That was great. It was good fun and an outrageous script. I am excited to see the final product of it,” he said. “It is not Harrison Chase. I will tell you that much,” he hinted.

To learn more about the upcoming film The Reveal, visit its Indiegogo page.

The title of the current chapter of his life is “New Beginnings.” “There are a lot of new things going on,” he said with a chuckle.

On being an actor in this digital age, he said, “It is interesting.” “I think it’s good and bad depends on how you look at it. There are so many streaming platforms now, and it’s a free-for-all. With social media, there are people being discovered in their basement in Arkanas, which is a cool thing,” he said. “I am interested to see how it evolves in the next five years,” he added.

When asked which track and field event, he would compete in if given the chance, he said, “In junior high school, I did the 800 meter run, which is two laps around the track. It’s not a dead sprint but it’s not a jog. If I could do it again, I would run the 100 meter sprint. It would involve the shortest amount of running.”

In addition, if he were to do sports all over again, he would learn to be a good swimmer. “Swimming would be the one sport I would love to excel in,” he said.

The best advice he was ever given in this business is the following: “Don’t let success go to your head and failure go to your heart. I’ve only been doing acting for a few years. There has been some success and there has been an insane amount of failure and learning to keep an even keel if your only saving grace.”

For his fans, he said, “a giant thank you to anybody who follows me on Instagram and on Twitter. We need the fans of General Hospital to keep the show on the air.”

Swickard defined the word success as: “going to bed at night happy.” “Also, when the people around me feel loved by me and vice versa. Personally, that’s what keeps me happy and feeling successful,” he said.

For more information on other General Hospital Fantasy events, check out the Fantasy Events Inc. website.

To learn more about Josh Swickard, follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

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