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Chatting with Johnny Wactor: Brando Corbin on ‘General Hospital’ (Includes interview)

On November 8, Wactor is looking forward to doing his first GH Fantasy virtual event, produced by Coastal Entertainment, where he will be joined with co-star Briana Lane. “It’s going to be my first one. We will see. Briana is a sweetheart and I hope someday we get the opportunity to work together on screen, that would be cool,” he said.

To learn more about this forthcoming Zoom fan event on November 8 at 3 p.m. EST, click here.

Wactor is drawn to playing Brando Corbin due to the mystery around him from a fan’s perspective. “A lot of fans ask me if my character is a good guy or a bad guy,” he said. “Brando is very complex. I like how it’s played out though since there’s an ambiguity to him. Right now, I like the mystery surrounding Brando.”

Regarding his daily motivations, he said, “I am inspired by finding the truth and humanity in anybody that I am playing, especially in difficult scenes. It’s just about finding that truth.”

When asked how he handles being dialogue-heavy on the show, he said, “It has definitely been a learning transition. I prepare every time I’m on set like I’ve only got one shot. That’s my mindset. I come with my lines fully down and just ready to play.”

On being an actor in the digital age, he said, “It’s pretty awesome because things come out, and you are able to promote them quickly. The digital age is pretty cool.”

For young and aspiring actors, Wactor said, “Do it if you love the craft and the process, and you don’t mind hard work and being told ‘no’ a lot. The great actors make it look easy because they spend a lot of time and effort in their preparation. Acting is not for the faint of heart.”

He complimented Emmy winner Max Gail on his powerful Alzheimer’s storyline on the show, which he nailed as Mike Corbin. “Max Gail is a badass actor, especially when he was in the hospital, those scenes were tough. Max is a master of everything, he plays it to the bone. He is such an important male figure in Brando’s life, he is Brando’s first father figure. To see him in the hospital and not recognize Brando due to Alzheimer’s was rough. That made his character’s passing much harder too,” he said.

Wactor praised co-star Jeff Kober for playing the manipulative Cyrus Renault so well on the show. “Jeff is such a convincing, evil, and manipulative character. In real life, he is very honest, warm-hearted, and a really cool dude,” he said.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Wactor said, “Life is…”

Actor Johnny Wactor

Actor Johnny Wactor
North Birch Prod

He opened up about staying in top-notch physical shape. “It involves everything: working out and eating right. I try to be mindful of what I put in my body. I love doing sports and I love to be outside, whether it’s climbing rocks, playing tennis, basketball or swimming. I eat pretty well too,” he said.

If he were to do any track and field event, he shared that he would probably run the mile. “I am a good middle-distance runner,” he said. “I have good cardio from swimming all of my life.”

He listed the butterfly as his personal favorite stroke in swimming. “That’s my best stroke,” he admitted.

Wactor had great words about actor and musician Adam Davenport. “Adam used to do play readings and those were fun. Those gatherings at his house were cool. There were super-talented people there, so it was a good time,” he recalled.

He defined the word success as “being able to live your life happy, joyous, and free.”

Wactor concluded by extending his appreciation to the General Hospital fan-base. “They are very fervent and hardcore fans. It is so awesome to get on the show and seeing that people have been watching it for so long. The fans are very interactive and responsive on social media,” he said.

To learn more about actor Johnny Wactor, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and check out his IMDb page.

Johnny Wactor

Johnny Wactor
Photo by North Birch Prod

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