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Chatting with Greg Vaughan of ‘Days of Our Lives’

Emmy award-winning actor Greg Vaughan of the Peacock daytime drama “Days of Our Lives” chatted about his latest endeavors.

Greg Vaughan
Greg Vaughan. Photo Credit: Chris Haston, NBC
Greg Vaughan. Photo Credit: Chris Haston, NBC

Emmy award-winning actor Greg Vaughan of the Peacock daytime drama “Days of Our Lives” chatted about his latest endeavors.

Vaughan is an actor and former fashion model, known for his roles on the daytime soap operas “The Young and the Restless,” “General Hospital,” and “Days of Our Lives.”

He also starred in the supernatural series “Charmed,” and the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series “Queen Sugar.”

Baby storyline on ‘Days of Our Lives’

On being a part of the Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and baby storyline on the show, Vaughan said, “I think that storyline is hot and heavy. It can be confusing with twists and turns, where the group is playing little cat games.”

In this storyline, he is also working with Jessica Serfaty (who plays Sloan Petersen) and Dan Feuerriegel (EJ DiMera) along with Arianne Zucker. “We have a great little quadrangle going on, it’s a good storyline with all of us coming together. It is nice to work with Dan, especially since we don’t really do many scenes together,” Vaughan said.

“This is definitely a very eclectic group of talent,” he acknowledged.

‘A Very Salem Christmas’ limited series

He opened up about being a part of “A Very Salem Christmas,” the “Days of Our Lives” limited holiday series on Peacock. “It was very short and sweet, and on a bench,” he revealed. “It was great even though it only lasted a few seconds. I think it did very well and it opened the door for our future, so I am glad about that.”

The digital age

On being an actor in the digital age, Vaughan said, “It’s great. I think it was inevitable. It was a change that was already in the forefront, especially our show going over to Peacock.”

“The digital age impacts the world in both positive and negative ways, not only how we watch our content, but it affects people across North America and internally on how they watch our show. It is nice to be in that same realm since you can have the catalog and you can catch up quicker. It went from the VHS tapes to streaming, and that is nice,” Vaughan elaborated.


He shared that his experience in the supernatural series “Charmed” was “great.” “That feels forever ago but it feels like yesterday, especially talking to cast members and doing The House of Halliwell podcast,. We went back and we reminisced about what we did years ago so being a part of it and reconnecting was great,” he said.

Advice for hopefuls

For young and aspiring actors, Vaughan said, “You need commitment and dedication. Don’t beat yourself up, be patient.” Be committed to your craft and stay as active as you can in all opportunities. Keep learning from top to bottom.”

Actors to do more scenes with

When asked which actors on the show he would like to have more scenes with, Vaughan responded, “I do get to do a lot of work with a lot of people. It’s nice to have scenes with Deidre Hall, Josh Taylor, and Lauren Koslow.”

“I love being with my on-screen family and my siblings, and being able to crossover and seeing familiar faces from my time at ‘General Hospital’ such as Steve Burton and Tamara Braun. It is nice to work with great, talented people. I don’t think there is anybody that I don’t work with, I am really fortunate,” he said.

Upcoming live events to celebrate his 50th birthday

Vaughan revealed that he will be out on the road, meeting fans to celebrate his 50th birthday. On September 9 and 10, he will be making appearances in The Comedy Vault in Illinois, and Hilarities in Cleveland, Ohio, respectively, as hosted by Coastal Entertainment. “This will be a post-birthday celebration tour and we are going to have fun on all these dates,” Vaugh said.

In all of these shows, Vaughan will be joined by his “Days of Our Lives” co-star Robert Scott Wilson.

The same holds true for September 30 and October 1, where he will be in Boston, celebrating his 50th birthday bash with Star Image Entertainment. “That one will be a lot of fun too,” he said.

Superpower of choice

If Vaughan were to have any superpower, he remarked, “I think I would be Batman.” “Superman is super cool to me but there is a darker side to Batman that I just find exciting,” he admitted.

‘A Very Country Christmas’

Vaughan enjoyed being a part of the holiday movie “A Very Country Christmas,” which they filmed in Toronto, and ironically enough in the city of Vaughan. “I loved it, my boys were with me, and it was snowing, and we had a blast,” he said.


Vaughan defined the word success as “being a provider for his family, and being surrounded by people that he loves.”

“My success doesn’t make me who I am, it’s a provider of who I am to my family,” he said. “I encourage anybody who has a dream to believe in it and to follow it. I am a man of my word, and I am committed to what I say, that’s my success.”


For his fans, he expressed, “The fact that I can say that I have fans is just incredible. I am just grateful for everybody’s love and support, and for them continuing to follow me on my journey, that is just awesome.”

“The fans are a huge part in my making my dream a reality. I enjoy going out to see everybody and hug everybody and show my gratitude to them. I hope to keep doing great projects,” he added.

To learn more about Greg Vaughan, follow him on Instagram.

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