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Chatting with Gleb Savchenko of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Professional dancer Gleb Savchenko of “Dancing with the Stars” chatted about his latest endeavors, which includes “Salsa in the Sky.”

Gleb Savchenko
Gleb Savchenko of 'Dancing with the Stars.' Photo Courtesy of DWTS Live Tour
Gleb Savchenko of 'Dancing with the Stars.' Photo Courtesy of DWTS Live Tour

Professional dancer Gleb Savchenko of “Dancing with the Stars” chatted about his latest endeavors, which includes “Salsa in the Sky.”

‘Dancing with the Stars’

Savchenko has appeared in the American, U.K., Australian, and Russian versions of the reality dancing competition “Dancing with the Stars.” “I’ve been doing the show since 2003. I am actually the only professional dancer in the world who has done all of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ shows in all of the different countries,” he said.

“My experience on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in general has been amazing. I love the show, and it has been awesome,” he said.

Remembering Len Goodman

Savchenko also took the time to remember the late ballroom dancer and “Dancing with the Stars” judge Len Goodman. “That was such a loss,” he said. “Len Goodman was amazing.”

Gleb Savchenko
Gleb Savchenko of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Photo Courtesy of DWTS Live Tour

‘Salsa in the Sky’ in New York

He is looking forward to his “Salsa in the Sky” dance event on Tuesday, September 5 at the Edge in New York’s Hudson Yards. “I am super excited about this event,” he said. “This will be my first class that I will be teaching of that caliber. It’s an amazing venue in New York on the 101st floor at the Hudson Yards.”

“Hopefully, this will be the first dance class ever taught on the highest floor, so it might be going into the Guinness Book of World Records, so that will be fun. ‘Salsa in the Sky’ is the best way to kick off Season 32 of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Come and dance with me, I like to make the classes fun, it’s all about good vibes,” he elaborated.

“The ‘Salsa in the Sky‘ event is about enjoyment, moving your body to music and feeling the vibes. It’s about having a great deal of fun. Dance is a body language and we can express ourselves through it. There are no rules, it’s all about laughs, smiles, and positivity. It is a different experience altogether. The Edge at Hudson Yards has some of the most magnificent views of New York City, especially at sunset,” he added.

The digital age

“You never know where AI is going to take us,” he said with a sweet laugh about being a part of the digital age. “It’s super fun because we live in an amazing time of change. Everything happens so fast, it is crazy how this world is changing in the blink of an eye.”

“I am grateful to live in such an awesome time. You never know what is going to happens in the next 10 years. I am actually looking forward to it,” he said.

‘Swing Into Romance’ movie

Savchenko will be starring in the new Great American Family film “Swing Into Romance” opposite such actors as Danica McKellar and David Haydn-Jones, which will premiere on October 7.

“Swing Into Romance” marks the first movie that Savchenko has done, and he opened up about the craft of acting in general. He has acknowledged that “acting is hard.” “I have so much respect to all the actors out there that are perfecting their craft every single day and working on their skillset. It’s fascinating and I learned so much,” he said.

The synopsis of “Swing Into Romance” is: When former dancer Christine Sims (Danica McKellar) temporarily returns to her hometown in time for the town’s Fall Festival, she discovers her family’s General Store is in trouble.

In her efforts to save the business, Christine will need to dust off those dancing shoes one more time, face her ex-fiancé, and maybe even find love. 

Danica McKellar and Gleb Savchenko
Danica McKellar and Gleb Savchenko in ‘Swing Into Romance.’ Photo Courtesy of Great American Media

Advice for hopefuls in dancing

For young and aspiring dancers, he said, “Whatever the style of dance you do, work hard. Try to learn from the best. Put as much time, practice, and effort into everything that you do. Try to perfect your art and your craft. Try to learn. Don’t take it lightly, dig in, and dig in deep. It will all pay off later.”

“I feel I am a better dancer now that I was five years ago because the foundation and everything that I’ve learned in my youth is paying off now, and that’s important,” he acknowledged.

‘Celebrity MasterChef’ in the UK

He also recalled doing “Celebrity MasterChef” in the UK. “That was fun, it’s a great show and it was a great experience that I’ve had in England. I enjoy cooking,” he said.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Savchenko said with a sweet laugh, “Deliver or Die.”

Being a father to two girls

In his personal life, he is a father to two daughters. On balancing fatherhood with his professional life, he said, “The work takes a lot of time but whenever I am free, I spend a lot of time with them and I travel a lot with them. I love my girls so very much.”


Regarding his definition of the word success, Savchenko said, “Success means discipline for me, hard work, listening to your inner voice, following your dreams, and being free. It has so many layers of different things.”

To learn more about professional dancer Gleb Savchenko, follow him on Instagram, and check out his YouTube channel.

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