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Chatting with Georgette Jones: ‘Country Music’s First Princess’

Georgette Jones is the daughter of country music royalty, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, both of which were the President and the First Lady of Country Music.

Georgette Jones
Georgette Jones. Photo Credit: Alan Mercer
Georgette Jones. Photo Credit: Alan Mercer

Georgette Jones is the daughter of country music royalty, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, both of which were the “President” and the “First Lady of Country Music” respectively.

Georgette chatted about her latest endeavors, and her parents’ legacies.

Country Music’s ‘First Princess

She is affectionately known as “Country Music’s First Princess,” and rightfully so, especially since both of her parents were music legends, Hall of Famers, and trailblazers in the country genre.

“Well, it’s a strange thing to hear and imagine myself as a princess because I’m actually such a tomboy,” she said. “I know it came about in a very sweet and wonderful way as people look at my parents like they are country music royalty. So, looking at it that way, I’m actually honored and proud to be called by that title. ” 

Music and songwriting inspirations

On her music and songwriting inspirations, she said, “I usually have some emotional idea either from my own past or from a situation I’m close to with a friend or family member. Once I have the idea, I try to create the story using my knowledge, experience and feelings to make the connection between the song and the listener. Truly anything can be inspiring if it makes you feel something.” 

Georgette Jones defines what country music means to her

On her definition of country music, Jones explained, “I tried desperately as a teenager to rebel against country music as it surrounded everything in our lives then. But my parents were both right. They said that one day I would come to love it as they did because country music is about honest, real stories of emotions that can relate to us all.”

“It’s not just a beat or sound or fun words to drag together. Its stories we are able to connect to in some way or another,” she added.

‘George & Tammy’ mini-series on Showtime

She expressed that she was pleased with the “George & Tammy” mini-series on Showtime. “It was a bit surreal, to be honest,” she admitted.

“They talked to me at length and I felt confident that they would honor them with the truth, and I felt I could truly trust them with their story. They went out of their way to do the research and we worked together on connecting the writers with my parents’ friends, family, coworkers, and other artists. Overall, we were all thrilled with the result,” she elaborated.

Apple Sin Whiskey

She spoke about her new whiskey, Apple Sin Whiskey. “My partner, Spencer Balentine got in touch with me to ask if I’d take a meeting with him. I did and he told me he wanted to take his grandfather’s recipe and tweak it for an apple cinnamon flavor and wondered if I’d be interested in a partnership. I tasted the product and after discussing details, I was excited and happy to get this opportunity,” she said.

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, now with streaming and social media being so prevalent, she said, “I think it certainly has its positive and negative aspects. While I love the ability to reach an audience directly, it also comes with the possibilities of pirating and loss of revenue as people no longer need to buy a full album anymore.”

“You can get one song or all from a project and can choose to pay for a service to stream it unlimited instead of purchasing a CD like we used to do. I do a lot online that I could never do before, so, I’m learning to go with the flow, and I try to stay educated on the process as technology continues to change,” she said.

She shared her favorite songs of her parents

When asked which of her parents’ songs are her personal favorites, she responded, “It’s definitely a difficult decision to pick a favorite. I usually say, ‘Til I Can Make It On My Own’ or ‘Til I Get It Right’ are two of my favorites of mom’s, and ‘Walk Through This World With Me’ and ‘Choices’ for my dad. My favorite duet of them together is ‘Take Me’.”

Her parent’s legacies

On the legacies of her parents, she remarked, “I hope that their artistry is remembered as heartfelt and timeless, but more importantly, I hope they’re remembered as people who faced their demons and stood bravely against all that stood against them. They were loving, generous and passionate.”  


On her definition of the word success, Jones said, “Simply, if I am successful, I’m content in my life as I live it. This world will always bring setbacks, failures and hard times, but I can be successful through all of it if I stay true to myself and my faith.  

Country music fans

For her country music fans, she remarked, “I would like to thank them all for their continued support and for making it possible for me to live out my life dreams. I was a registered nurse (RN) for 17 years and I loved it, but creating music was always my first passion.”

“Without the support of fans and followers, I’d never have the chance and opportunities that have come my way through music. I’m forever grateful to them all for that reason,” she said.

To learn more about Georgette Jones, check out her official website, and her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram.

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