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Catching up with Wes Brown: Hallmark actor and musician

Hallmark actor and musician Wes Brown sat down and chatted at RomaDrama Live! in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Wes Brown
Wes Brown. Photo Courtesy of Bjoern Kommerell
Wes Brown. Photo Courtesy of Bjoern Kommerell

Hallmark actor and musician Wes Brown sat down and chatted at RomaDrama Live!, which took place at West Palm Beach in Florida from June 24 to 26.

“It feels great to be here again,” he exclaimed about RomaDrama Live! “It did feel a bit devastating when it got postponed back in January. I am so happy and thrilled that we get to do this again. It is great to be back and to see the fans.”

On being an artist in the digital age, Brown said, “The content is endless and the creativity is only getting bigger and bigger. I hope to see a bright future ahead in this digital age.”

Regarding his career-defining moments, he said, “Getting on a series is always special to an actor. It is very hard to be in a series because in order to be in a series you already need to have been in a series, so it’s a Catch-22. The answer to that is that you cross your fingers that somebody gives you a chance. In 2012, I was of the leads on ‘Deception’ where I was a true series regular. We were filming in New York City with a monster of a cast so that was definitely a defining moment for me.”

Brown played the role of Julian Bowers for 11 episodes of “Deception.”

This past Father’s Day, he shared that he enjoyed taking his daughter to Citi Field in Flushing, New York, where they watched the New York Mets play a baseball game. “It was awesome. This will not be my last time in Citi Field,” he hinted.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Brown revealed, “New Beginnings.” “We are in a new place in my life figuratively and physically, we have a lot of new things coming,” he said.

Brown had great words about working with master photographer Bjoern Kommerell. “I love Bjoern. I haven’t seen him in a while. I hope he is well,” he said. “Bjoern is one of my favorite photographers out there. When you see a Bjoern photo, you know it is his because he has a very unique style and a distinct vision.”

If he were to have any superpower, he noted that it would be “flight.” “I would love to fly,” he admitted.

Brown defined the word success as “happiness” in life. “Success can mean a lot of things but if you are very happy in what you are going after, then you are successful,” he said.

“If you have peace of mind that means you are successful because that is hard to do,” he added.

For his fans, Brown concluded, “The utmost thank you for their continued support, if it weren’t for the fans I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.”

To learn more about actor Wes Brown, follow him on Instagram.

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