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Catching up with Robert Scott Wilson: ‘Day of Days’ 2023

Actor Robert Scott Wilson of “Days of Our Lives” spoke about his latest storylines on the show, and the upcoming “Day of Days” event next weekend.

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, NBCUniversal
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, NBCUniversal

Actor Robert Scott Wilson of “Days of Our Lives” spoke about his latest storylines on the show, and the upcoming “Day of Days” event next weekend in Los Angeles.

Portraying Alex Kiriakis on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Presently, he plays Alex Kiriakis on the Peacock daytime drama. “I’m having a good time playing Alex,” he admitted. “Peacock has been great, and they have really had our backs, and have been very supportive. The ratings and the numbers are solid, and I can’t really complain, I am just grateful.”

“I am so happy with the way things are going with Alex,” he said. “In terms of excitement, playing Alex is really fun. I work with great people and I am a part of the main Kiriakis family. To be a Kiriakis was a daytime goal of mine so I am very thankful.”

He is also known for playing Ben Weston as well on the show. “Ben was such an iconic character and I was very grateful to be able to tell many sides of his story, and it left such a massive mark with the show and the storylines. I still love Ben so much,” he said.

“Getting to play two roles in my homebase is really awesome,” he added. “I love them both and I am having a blast with Alex.”

Greece storyline

He opened up about the recent Greece storyline on the show. “Doing the Greece storyline was really great. I’m loving everything with Alex, it has been really fun,” he said.

“They touch on the Ouzo a lot,” he said with a sweet laugh. “Getting to lean in on the Greek scenes was nice.”

Working with Wally Kurth as his on-screen father

Wilson opened up about his latest scenes that recently aired opposite Wally Kurth as his on-screen father, where he finds out that he is not his biological father on the show; it turns out that he is the son of Victor Kiriakis (played by the late John Aniston).

“Wally is an absolute stud, I love working with him,” Wilson said. “We have a lot of good scenes coming up down on the road too. Obviously, the dynamic changed a little bit but we have great chemistry as father and son regardless so it has been really awesome,” he foreshadowed.

When asked how it felt for his character to be Victor Kirakis’ son (once he found out), Wilson said, “It was a shocker to me but it also felt great. We know this is Salem… and that things can change and other things can happen next. I was just honored to get the news first, and for that to be one of the main storylines. I always trust Ron Carlivati’s writing process.”

“John [Aniston] is one of the most legendary guys I’ve ever met in my life, and his character is so iconic. Just to be in the same paragraph as Victor Kiriakis is really humbling. I am very grateful,” he added.

Dick Van Dyke

Wilson was thrilled with the fact that Dick Van Dyke was on the show. “That was such a great opportunity for the show. I was watching him on the monitors and he was just so vibrant, witty, phenomenal, and lovely. His performance on there was ageless,” he said.

Zach Tinker

He also praised Zach Tinker for playing Sonny Kiriakis. “Zach Tinker is really great. We go off the cuff together, and we work off each other. We have a similar dynamic that is really in the moment. Zach is a great actor, and one of my favorites to work with, for sure.”

Emily O’Brien as Theresa O’Donovan

He also discussed working with Emily O’Brien, who portrays Theresa O’Donovan. “Emily is s sweetheart. She is an absolute rockstar. She took this role in stride, and she looks great in a wig,” he said with a sweet laugh.

“Even though Emily loved playing Gwen, when she put on that wig, she really transformed and it was really powerful. She is a great actor and I enjoy doing scenes with her,” Wilson said.

Desire to have more scenes with Deidre Hall

Wilson shared that he would love to do more scenes with daytime vet Deidre Hall, especially if they involve his character seeing the shrink more. “I love working with Deidre, I have a great relationship with her,” he said. “The dynamic of going to therapy more and Alex being the hooligan that he is has made for some really fun scenes.”

“I just love working with Deidre Hall, and I would love to work with her more,” he added.

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo by: Randy Shropshire, Peacock

‘Day of Days’ 2023

On Saturday, October 21, he will be a part of “Day of Days” 2023. It will take place in the newly-named Peacock Place at L.A. Live and it is free for everyone in attendance.

“I can’t wait! I’ve done so many of them in the past, and it is still humbling to see people show up,” he said. “I enjoy shaking hands, signing pictures, and saying ‘hello.’ It really is great and humbling to see and meet the people support the show.”

“This is an early one this year. Normally, it’s around my birthday in early November, but this year, it is taking place on October 21,” he said.

“It is going to be a blast. We have almost everybody from the cast there. Anybody who is going to miss out, is going to lose. It’s going to be a great time. We are doing it in Downtown LA and it is going to be really fun. I am excited.,” he added.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Wilson revealed, “Not all storms come into your life to destroy, but to clear the path.”

“Also, the art of practicing patience,” he added.

Greg Vaughan’s 50th birthday celebration in Boston

Most recently, he was a part of Greg Vaughan’s 50th birthday fan celebration in Boston, Massachusetts, which was hosted by Star Image Entertainment. “We had a blast,” he admitted.

“The fans showed up and it was amazing. Obviously, being back in my homeland is always exciting. I don’t need an excuse to go back home but this was a pretty good one. Greg and I really had a great time,” he elaborated.

Biltmore event in North Carolina

“I am also excited to go to the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina, on December 9,” he said. “I’ve never been there. I am looking forward to it, and I am really grateful. We have a bunch of great events coming up and people are excited.”

Upcoming fan events with Greg Vaughan in Ohio and Illinois

On November 4, Wilson and Vaughan will be in Cleveland, Ohio, performing at Hilarities, and on the following day, November 5, they will be at The Comedy Vault in Batavia, Illinois, both of which are hosted by Coastal Entertainment. “I am really excited about both of these events,” he said.

“Greg and I are going to hit two more cities, and we will see what happens after that,” he added. “I am looking forward to going to the Midwest. Ironically enough, the Batavia event is on Wilson Street, so that’s going to be my new hood. Isn’t that crazy? What are the chances, I’ve never been there before, and all of a sudden, I will be going to my own little block,” he said with a sweet laugh.

‘The Price is Right’

Wilson recalled his time on “The Price is Right.” “That feels like another lifetime ago but it’s all part of the journey. That was a great experience too,” he said.

He also had kind words for Australian actor and model James O’Halloran, who was the second male model ever on “The Price is Right.” Ironically enough, Wilson was the first. “James is a good dude. I hope he is doing well,” he admitted.

Wilson also remembered the late Bob Barker who passed away at the age of 99. “Even though I never met Bob, he had an epic career and he was an epic man and just unbelievable. Bob definitely left his mark, that’s for sure,” he said.

Favorite mottos to live by

His favorite motto to live by is “having faith over fear.” “Also, fortune favors the bold,” he said.

Future plans

“I would like to be on ‘Days of Our Lives’ for as long as I possibly can. We got our two-year renewal so I am focused on that. Hopefully, we will carry it on past 60 years. I hope we get more good news in the future and that we keep going with that show.”

“Outside of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ I am always ready for the next project as long as it’s a right fit,” he said.

More traveling in the future

“I am also looking forward to traveling a little bit more. I hope to get out to Europe, hopefully, in the next six to eight months. I would love to get out there and spend some time there.”

Looking back in a rearview mirror over the past decade, Wilson acknowledged that he sees “a lot of growth and a lot of craziness.” “Also, a lot of experiences. At the end of the day, if I have a lot of experiences, in one way or another (good, bad, or ugly), I use them all for my work as an actor and my canvas of life,” he said.

“I’ve had amazing people in my life, where everybody has been there for a reason, and I am thankful for it all,” he added.

Favorite music

He noted that he is a big ’90s grunge music guy, but he listens to everything. “My all-time favorites are Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam,” he said.

“I am all over the board. I love Led Zeppelin and I love Metallica,” he added. “Also, Queen is one of the greatest bands of all time.”

Wilson’s message for his fans

For his fans and supporters, Wilson said, “I am forever grateful to them. We have a lot more great stuff coming up, I am excited to see what everybody thinks. Keep sharing and spreading it on social media. I see you guys and I love you guys. Thank you guys.”


Regarding his definition of the word success, Wilson said, “The word success has changed for me over the years. A successful feeling is being at peace with where my life is. Obviously, doing what I love, in one aspect or another, is a success, as well as having a happy and healthy family and relationships with them along with good friendships.”

For more information on actor Robert Scott Wilson, follow him on InstagramTwitter, and visit his IMDb page.

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