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Catching up with Patrick Myers of the Queen tribute band Killer Queen

Patrick Myers of the acclaimed Queen tribute band Killer Queen chatted our their 2022 U.S. tour dates.

Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury in Killer Queen
Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury in Killer Queen. Photo Credit: Chipster PR, KQ Touring Productions
Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury in Killer Queen. Photo Credit: Chipster PR, KQ Touring Productions

Patrick Myers of the acclaimed Queen tribute band Killer Queen chatted our their 2022 U.S. tour dates.

One of the world’s greatest Queen tribute bands, Killer Queen, will be rocking the U.S. once more from June to August 2022. Fronted by singer Patrick Myers – faithfully assuming the role of the legendary Freddie Mercury – Killer Queen kicked off their tour dates on June 24th in Palos Verdes, CA (at Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center), before wrapping things up on July 30th in Hidalgo, Texas, at Payne Arena.

Killer Queen and lead singer Patrick Myers are based in the United Kingdom. They are the only tribute to have played and sold out the same arenas as Queen. “We have played many of the same venues,” he acknowledged.

On July 8 and 9, 2022, they will be headlining The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island. “It will be great, we will be doing two nights,” he said. “It was a really vibey audience the last time we were there. We really enjoyed it. The fans seemed really happy with it too. It is lovely to be in New York since they are a really passionate audience. We are excited about that show.”

Myers noted that they slightly changed the setlist for this tour. “We will be covering some different songs but we will still do the huge hits that we have to do. We changed some of the songs in the middle of the set,” he said.

“That’s the great thing about Queen, you have a variety of material to choose from. They have a massive repertoire,” he added.

A silver lining for Myers was being able to spend more time at home. “That was nice because I didn’t get to be home that much before,” he admitted. “I also did some songwriting and I enjoyed that.”

His plans for the future “really involve touring.” “We had tour dates booked for the last two years but we had to reschedule all of them,” he said. “We have some shows in England that we are looking forward to at the end of the year. On December 7, we will be playing at the Wembley Arena in London.”

He shared that he would love to someday play and live in Greece. “It is one of my favorite places to go, I love Greece,” he said.

If he were to have any superpower, he revealed that it would be “teleportation” and “time travel,” and both of these would be at the same time. “Every touring musician would say that because there is a huge amount of travel that you have to do,” he said. “Both of these superpowers would be fun.”

For the dedicated Queen fans on Long Island, Myers concluded, “Thank you so much for making us feel welcome the first time we played The Paramount. Thank you for packing out the place for two nights in a row. We’ve been looking forward to these shows for a long time because they have been rescheduled so many times. Thank you for being patient.”

To learn more about Killer Queen and their show dates, check out their official website, and follow them on Instagram.

Markos Papadatos
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Markos Papadatos is Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for Music News. Papadatos is a Greek-American journalist and educator that has authored over 21,000 original articles over the past 18 years. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, lifestyle, magic, and sports. He is a 16-time "Best of Long Island" winner, where for three consecutive years (2020, 2021, and 2022), he was honored as the "Best Long Island Personality" in Arts & Entertainment, an honor that has gone to Billy Joel six times.

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