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Catching up with Kyle Lowder of Peacock’s ‘Days of Our Lives’

Emmy-nominated actor Kyle Lowder chatted about being a part of Peacock’s “Days of Our Lives,” and his upcoming holiday movie “Heart for the Holidays.”

Kyle Lowder
Kyle Lowder. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, Peacock
Kyle Lowder. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, Peacock

Emmy-nominated actor Kyle Lowder chatted about being a part of Peacock’s “Days of Our Lives,” and his upcoming holiday movie “Heart for the Holidays.”

‘Days of Our Lives’

He is back on the Salem canvas playing Dr. Rex Brady. “I always love playing Rex and returning on the show,” he admitted. “I started my entire career on ‘Days of Our Lives’ 23 years ago,” he said.

“I have a really great story, and this storyline will run the majority of 2023,” he foreshadowed. “The fans have been very embracing of me in the role of Rex the last five years that I’ve played him. Rex is definitely in and out, who lives in Chicago, and even though he isn’t a Salem resident, it is really fun to play Rex.”

“This show is so near and dear to my heart, and any time they call me to do work for them, I am always happy to do that,” he added.

Move to Peacock

“I don’t think any of us knew how that was going to pan out,” Lowder said about the show’s move to the streaming service Peacock. “According to Peacock, a vast number of people followed us from NBC to Peacock. From what I’ve been told, the show has been extremely well-received on the Peacock network, and that was the goal,” he said.

“Fortunately, all of us are happy to say and we are grateful that the numbers have been great and people have followed us on to Peacock, and they have had a huge surge in subscribers. All in all, I think it has been a success, and so far, so good,” he said.

“Shooting-wise, there is literally no difference in how we shoot or produce the show. There are no preemptions anymore, and it was a seamless transition for all of us. Now, it’s a very accessible show, we are happy with the move, and we think the fans are as well,” he elaborated.

“Peacock has picked us up for two additional seasons, which will take us to our 60th anniversary, which is a huge landmark event,” he acknowledged.

‘Heart for the Holidays’ film

He noted that he filmed the forthcoming BET holiday film “Heart for the Holidays. “That was a really unexpected offer that came through,” he said. “I’ve worked with the people of this film before, so when they reached out to me about this cool Christmas film, I immediately took it. The story is wonderful and heartfelt, no pun intended.”

“It’s a beautiful story that takes place around Christmastime. It is a well-written script and very heartwarming. My co-star Erica Peeples is a very popular actress and I looked forward to working with her as well. All in all, it was an awesome experience, and I enjoyed this movie very much,” he said.

“This is going to be on the BET network, and it’s going to be a great opportunity to be represented on their network. I am proud of the work; I am proud of the film, and I can’t wait for everyone to check it out. Getting to meet and work with new people is very gratifying. All around it was a really great time,” he added.

Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strike

He expressed his full support for the screenwriters and the WGA strike that is going on right now in Hollywood. “We are in a very changing landscape in the entertainment industry with streaming and AI (artificial intelligence). The writer’s strike has definitely left many question marks in terms of the future of this industry not just long-term but short-term as well,” he said.

“I just want the writers to get what they are asking for and get the respect their deserve. I want what is fair for everybody,” he added.

Summer plans with the family

This summer, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his daughter Isabella, who is affectionately known as “Izzy”. “My daughter is finishing school in a week, and I love going on vacation with her,” he said.

“Probably towards the end of the summer, I will get back to the grindstone here, and probably be on a couple of movie sets,” he said.

While he loves real estate, and it’s his passion, but unfortunately, he has not had much time to devote to that lately. “Unless I can put 100 percent into something, I have to put it in the backburner until I have the opportunity to dedicate 100 percent of myself to something. Perhaps I will get more into real estate in the summer,” he said.

His favorite sports to watch are golf and football, and he is an avid snow skier and water skier, as well as a golfer.

Star Image Entertainment virtual event

He is looking forward to the upcoming Zoom fan event on June 13 with Star Image Entertainment, which raises money for the Canadian charity Cedars CanSupport. “Penny MacGregor of Star Image Entertainment is so kind and generous. She runs well-organized events, both the live events and the Zoom calls,” he said.

“Last year, Penny threw me a birthday party in Montreal, and we celebrated with co-star Eric Martsolf and the fans,” he added.

Favorite mottos to live by

On his favorite mottos to live by, Lowder revealed, “Live in the moment. Be present, that is everything. All we ever have, and all we ever are, is right here and right now. Learn from the past but create your future in the present.”

‘Samantha’s Friends’ charity

Lowder shared that he was thrilled to be a part of the benefit event for Samantha’s Friends “Marvel Madness” theme this past May, which raised money for many philanthropic charities.

“It truly is my favorite event of the year because I have a personal connection to it,” Lowder said. “The first one I did was back in 2003, so Alice, Sammy, and Craig have become like family to me. Every time that I do this event, it’s very special to me, and it’s always good to see their faces and the faces of all the fans and supporters. It is extremely well done and organized. All in all, it’s always wonderful to be down there,” he elaborated.

He is also looking forward to the Samantha’s Friends “Invasion of the Minions” event, which will take place on September 9 and 10, 2023, in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. “I told Alice and Sammy that anytime they want me to be a part of their events, I will always say ‘yes.’ It will be great to get back down there in September,” he said.


For his fans, Lowder concluded, “I wouldn’t be here without the fans. I get to do what I love to do for a living because of the people that support me, and that has never been lost on me. To this day, I am eternally grateful to my fans and my supporters. I only get to do what I do because of them.”

To learn more about Kyle Lowder, check out his IMDb page and follow him on Instagram.

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