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Catching up with Kathleen Gati: Two-time Emmy-nominated actress (Includes interview)

Gati will be doing a GH Fantasy virtual event on November 13 entitled “In the Kitchen with Kathleen Gati,” which is produced by Coastal Entertainment. “I’m so excited for my first kitchen event with my awesome GH fans. I’ve been missing them tremendously. And I will have the opportunity to share some of my recipes from my bakery and restaurant too,” she said.

On being back on the hit ABC daytime drama General Hospital filming new episodes, she said, “It’s always a pleasure to be filming at General Hospital. My favorite thing is getting a new script and seeing exactly which direction the writers have Obrecht going in this time,” she exclaimed.

She opened up about life during the quarantine. “Gratefully it’s been peaceful and eye-opening and a gift in many ways. I am a workaholic and this has forced me to slow down and examine everything. I found I can exist without a gym membership, without the hair salon and nail salon, without restaurants and movie theaters,” she said.

Gati continued, “I also found that if I’m not acting every minute I won’t die, plus I have been writing a cookbook that is getting there, so my creative juices are happy. And my husband and I have enjoyed this extra time together. Luckily we like each other. My heart goes out to those who have been alone or have lost someone to COVID. I know several people who have passed away from this cruel disease, and it has been heartbreaking.”

When asked if she developed any new skills during the quarantine, she responded, “Possibly writing? But that remains to be seen when my first book comes out. But I do make a wonderful exercise instructor. I tend to yell at my student in the mirror though. Oh wait, that’s me.”

 A Mermaid for Christmas  holiday film

‘A Mermaid for Christmas’ holiday film
Michael and Barbara Caruso Productions

She opened up about her second career Daytime Emmy nomination that she received for A Mermaid for Christmas for playing Connie Hunter. “I was mopping the floor when I got the call from writer, director, and producer Michael Caruso. I put down the mop, listened to the wonderful news he was telling me, thanked him, and then went back to finishing the floor,” she said.

“I would like to say I celebrated like a crazy person but I would be lying,” she said. “Truth be told, I was just going to wear a T-shirt to the Zoom Emmy event, but when Michael surprised me by putting on his tux, it brought tears to my eyes and a nicer outfit for the event. Getting my second Emmy nom was and is an incredible feeling. I am very, very grateful.”

To learn more about Kathleen Gati’s forthcoming Zoom event, click here. “I am looking forward to seeing the fans ‘in my kitchen’ on November 13 to share some recipes and some GH gossip. Wish I could pass samples through the screen to all of you,” she concluded.

For more information on Kathleen Gati, follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

Emmy-nominated actress Kathleen Gati

Emmy-nominated actress Kathleen Gati
ABC, Todd Wawrychuk

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