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Catching up with John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting: ‘OK’ single and tour

John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting chatted about his new single “OK,” the Music Matters Challenge, and his 2024 tour.

Five for Fighting
Five for Fighting. Photo Credit: John Krebs
Five for Fighting. Photo Credit: John Krebs

John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting chatted about his new single “OK,” the Music Matters Challenge, and his 2024 tour.

‘OK’ single

On his new single, he said, “We were all horrified at the images of the Hamas atrocities on Oct 7th. What I wasn’t expecting was the moral collapse of many of our institutions including the media, our college campuses, and in the halls of Congress where many were either blaming Israel, or echoing Hamas propaganda.”

“In my mind, the song is a moral message not a political one condemning the evil that is Hamas and the evil actors around the world who want to tear down civilization. We are certainly not OK,” he said.

His song and its music video were shared on the nation of Israel’s social media pages. “As someone who is not Jewish, I received a small taste of the vitriol and threats Jewish people get daily,” he said.

“That said, it was humbling to receive thousands of e-mails and comments from Israelis and others around the world who feel they have been abandoned by the music industry. It is important for them to know they are not alone in this,” he acknowledged.

2024 Tour

Ondrasik will be out on tour in 2024 bringing his new music to the fans.

“The fans can expect the amazing Five For Fighting String Quartet,” he hinted. “Some of the best string players in the world including Tony Winning violinist Katie Kresek. They give a new dimension to the songs, provide an intimate storytelling environment and are always full of surprises.”

“We always play a song that recognizes our troops and are proud to present a family show for everyone. Certainly you will hear ‘Superman,’ ‘100 Years,’ and other songs you might know,” he elaborated.

“We will also play ‘OK’ and ‘Can One Man Save the World,’ which I recorded and filmed with a Ukrainian orchestra outside of Kyiv,” he added.

Music Matters Challenge

Ondrasik also opened up about Music Matters Challenge. “I am excited to announce the ‘Music Matters Challenge’ that is a national contest that anyone can participate in to fully fund a music teacher for a school in need for three years at a salary of up to $300,000.”

“To enter all you have to do is make a short video telling a story about a music teacher, or someone who influenced your life through music, sing a little bit of the song “Let Music Fill my World” and upload your entry on this website,” Ondrasik explained.

“There are cash prizes and a grant school prize so schools can compete against each other! Everyone please enter and join our mission to make sure every child has access music in their schools,” he added.

Advice for young and aspiring musicians

For young and aspiring singer-songwriters, he said, “It’s important to write hundreds of songs, record them in some fashion, and perform live. Nothing is more instructive in writing a song than playing it for an audience. Also, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the process!”

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he revealed, “Organized Chaos!”

Favorite mottos to live by

On his favorite mottos to live by, he shared, “Fear is the MindKiller!” as well as “Silence in the face of evil is complicity” and “Live Free or Die!”

Message for his fans

For his fans, he concluded about his new single and tour, “I have a song that we will play every night that asks: “What Kind of World Do You Want?” I believe we all have a role in making the world a freer, safer, and better place for the next generation.”

“I look forward to traveling across America so we can sing together and share our common humanity. History starts now,” he concluded.

For more information on Five For Fighting and the new music, visit the official website, and follow him on Instagram.

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