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Catching up with Human Nature: Australian pop group (Includes interview)

Human Nature is made up of such talented musicians as Andrew Tierney, Toby Allen, Phil Burton, and Mike Tierney.

On being in New York, Phil said, “Being in New York is awesome even if it is 99 percent humidity outside. It’s just great. The energy in this city is like no place on earth.”

Mike noted that performing earlier this morning on the Today show was a great experience .” “We added more Motown in our show at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Being able to perform that song on the Today show was incredible. It was such a great opportunity. You can’t beat it,” he said. This new show is a blend of the Motown classics, pop, and soul.

This past January, as Digital Journal reported, they earned a Medal of Honour in Australia Day. “It was such an honor,” Toby said. “We love seeing people enjoying what we do. To get an award that recognizes us for doing service in Australia for entertainment is such an honor. We shared that moment with our families and we wear those medals with pride.”

Andrew Tierney also opened up about his passion project, Finding Faith, which he revealed is “going great.”

On being artists in this digital age, Phil said, “It is a bit of a challenge for us. When we first hit the scene, there was no such thing as Facebook and social media. It is something that we’ve had to grow into as well. It’s a business that’s changing, so I guess that’s a good thing. For us, the challenge is to keep up with all the changes.”

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Regarding the recent passage of the Music Modernization Act (MMA), Mike said, “It is helping all the songwriters and creators from all the different genres and eras of music. Things are moving in the direction of helping artists and songwriters and making sure they are taken care of. It is a great thing.”

Toby feels strongly about the resurgence of vinyl. “Vinyl has such a unique sound, and it’s a sound that can’t be streamed or replicated. It’s tangible and you need to get it started,” he said.

From their Motown set, they listed “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as their favorite song that really stands out. “People love that song. They sing and clap along,” Mike said.

On their dream collaboration choices, Human Nature selected such legendary female artists as Sharon Jones and Aretha Franklin.

When asked about the title of the current chapter of their lives, they responded, “Still Going Strong” and “Grateful for Today.”

They noted that the best musical advice they were ever given was to “listen to the great groups.” “That has kept us in good standing all these years,” Toby admitted.

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“We are so grateful for all of the fans that we’ve had over the years,” they concurred. “Some fans have just come on board recently after they’ve seen us in Las Vegas. Without the fans, we are nothing.”

Human Nature defined the word success as “being able to take something positive out of everything.” “Even if it’s a failure, but you’ve learned a lesson out of it, then you’ve had some success out of it,” they explained.

To learn more about Australian pop group Human Nature, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

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