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Catching up with Hallmark actor Jesse Hutch

Actor Jesse Hutch sat down and chatted about his latest endeavors, and he shared the greatest lesson that acting has taught him.

Jesse Hutch
Jesse Hutch. Photo Courtesy of Crown Media
Jesse Hutch. Photo Courtesy of Crown Media

Hallmark actor Jesse Hutch sat down and chatted about his latest endeavors, and he shared the greatest lesson that acting has taught him.

He shared that one of the series that he is developing is called “Fox and Hunter.” “This is something that is really close to my heart. It involves action, and it’s a fun comedy. It’s a bit of ‘Bad Boys’ meets the original ‘Lethal Weapon.’ This, to me, would be fantastic,” he said.

“I think people need laughter and I like making people laugh,” he added.

‘Love on the Road’ on UPtv

For Hutch, it was a great experience doing the film “Love on the Road” on UPtv. “Erin Cahill is a really sweet person. Honestly, she loves the crew, she is very professional and open to discussion about changing a scene or going through dialogue, I have zero complaints about her. We are still good friends. Erin is fantastic,” he said.

“Also, Mila Bursac was great too. We had a great father and daughter scene in it that was really touching and sweet. She did a fantastic job and her family is great too,” he said.

Greatest lessons in acting

On the greatest lesson(s) that the acting profession has taught him, Hutch said, “There are a lot of great lessons that I’ve learned in acting. You need to care about people… so it’s not about you and it’s about your movie, your lines, and your talent.”

“What you are really there for is to take the temperature of the set that you step onto, and bring it to a healthy place so don’t adjust to it. Everybody is going through something so you need to find out who got married, who got divorced, who just lost someone, who just had a baby, and that’s where you need to meet people at. You need to love people through the movie that you are filming. That’s the most important lesson I’ve learned in this profession,” he elaborated.

Hutch enjoyed being a part of RomaDrama! Live, which took place at West Palm Beach, Florida, from June 24 to 26. “It feels great to be at RomaDrama because there are a lot of fans here,” he said. “The fans are where it’s at. I got to meet everybody, shake their hands, say ‘thank you,’ and hang out. I loved it.”

‘Christmas in Toyland’ on Hallmark

On July 23rd, Hutch will be starring in “Christmas in Toyland,” where he will be playing Grant. This will be a part of the Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas in July” series.

If he were to have any superpower, Hutch noted that it would be to read people’s minds. “I think every superpower can be looked on as a curse in a way,” he explained. “Having the ability to tell what a person is really thinking is quite interesting.”

He is the husband of Loreili, and they have three children. For Hutch, family is of utmost importance, especially his roles as a husband and father.

To learn more about Jesse Hutch, follow him on Instagram and check out his Linktree page.

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