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Cameron Mathison talks first Father’s Day following kidney cancer (Includes interview)

“All things considered, we are pretty lucky and doing our best. The kids are hanging in there,” he said about life in quarantine. “We are still working, so we are lucky.”

This year’s Father’s Day (Sunday, June 21) holds a lot more meaning for Mathison as it is his first Father’s Day since beating kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma). A father of two teens (ages 13 and 16), Mathison had strong family support throughout his surgery and recovery and is thankful to be able to continue to raise his children and live a long, healthy life with his loving wife, Vanessa. “I am feeling even better now than before,” he admitted. “I am feeling strong, healthy, and motivated. I am really grateful.”

Actor and TV host Cameron Mathison

Actor and TV host Cameron Mathison
Photo courtesy of ET

Mathison, co-hosts Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel, and he is also partnering with Hallmark Cards this Father’s Day, which includes curating a custom gift guide to show that special dad in your life what he means to you. His gift guide may be seen by clicking here. “I’m partnering with Hallmark Cards and that’s amazing for me,” he said. “This is who I am so it’s an authentic partnership. I am really excited.”

He opened up about the special gift he gives his father each year and how his own kids have started a similar tradition with him. “Being a dad is the most wonderful thing in the world for me,” he said. “Lucas and Leila have taught me so much such as being mindful and enjoying the moments.”

“A handwritten card, for me, is so important. It’s like unlike anything else. I have been writing handwritten cards for a long time and sending them to my parents. They literally call me and they read them back and it means so much to them, and they get tears in their eyes,” he said.

“It is so touching and Father’s Day, in particular, is the time where you can really celebrate how important it is and what my father means to me, and what I mean to my kids,” he said. “I put this gift guide together for fathers, and it is also good for new dads. I love Hallmark Cards because they have the perfect sentiment to them.”

“Cherish the father figure in your life, whether it’s your dad, or if you are a dad. It’s the perfect time to be there, be mindful and be grateful,” he added.

Cameron Mathison with his family

Cameron Mathison with his family
Vanessa Mathison

If he were to do any track and field event, Mathison revealed that he would be a “sprinter.” “I would do the 100 meter, 200 meter, or 400 meter dash,” he said. “I’ve actually thought about it. I’m at a certain age now where I can qualify for a new category such as Masters athletics. It would be a great workout for me.”

He congratulated his former All My Children co-star Rebecca Budig (who played Greenlee at the time) for her 2020 Daytime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” for her portrayal of Hayden Barnes in General Hospital. “That amazing,” he said. “Rebecca is an amazing actress.”

For his fans, he offered the following thoughts about the pandemic: “Use this time to connect with family, especially with Father’s Day coming up. I launched a new @AllHealth360 Instagram handle. I’m using this time to be introspective and to be as productive as I can. There are things you can do with your family at home such as crafts. That’s a silver lining in all of this. Maintain social distancing, stay home, and stay careful. We don’t want this to spike back up.”

Mathison defined the word success as “finding a meaningful life.” “Truly finding peace and contentment within, and find meaning in your life to help others,” he concluded.

To learn more about Cameron Mathison, follow him on Instagram.

Cameron Mathison with his kids at the beach

Cameron Mathison with his kids at the beach
Vanessa Mathison

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