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Brian A. Metcalf talks about his new AUDOM single ‘Reckless’

Multifaceted entertainer Brian A. Metcalf chatted about his new AUDOM single ‘”Reckless.”

Brian A. Metcalf
Brian A. Metcalf. Photo Credit: Kelly Arjen
Brian A. Metcalf. Photo Credit: Kelly Arjen

Multifaceted entertainer Brian A. Metcalf chatted about his new AUDOM single ‘”Reckless.”

Regarding the concept for the song, he said, “This song came about when I was thinking back onto the mistakes I had made in the past on my life and wondering if I would change them had I had the chance. The song is about regret.”

Music and songwriting inspirations

On his music and songwriting inspirations, he said, “My life experiences and state of emotions are what deeply inspires me. Similar to my film work, I make my music based as to how I feel or what I’m experiencing.”

“Musically, I think orchestrated soundtracks have been hugely inspirational for me,” he admitted.

On his future plans, he shared, “Having just signed with Sony’s AWAL label, I am planning for a full length album coming up of new material. So I’m excited about that.”

Advice for young and aspiring artists

For young and aspiring musicians, he said, “My advice is to always keep creating things. Write things down if you think of an idea and keep it handy. And don’t be afraid to get your work out there as you never know who will be listening.”

Best advice that he has ever been given

On the best advice that he has ever been given, he revealed, “The best advice I ever got was to reach for your goals no matter how many people laugh at you and ridicule you. And don’t be afraid to fail. That has always stuck with me.”


On his definition of the word success, he said, “Success to me is being truly happy. It doesn’t mean just having money, but being able to enjoy what you’re doing.” 

Closing thoughts on his new AUDOM music

For his fans, he concluded about his new music, “I would want them to know that it is a mix of synthpop, pop, electronic and soundtrack music. I would want them to feel something when listening to it and hopefully evoke some emotion out of it.”

To learn more about Brian A. Metcalf, follow him on Instagram.

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