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Breaking barriers with comedy hypnosis: a glimpse into Tyzen’s hypnotic world

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Tyzen was just a 13-year-old boy when he first felt the pull of magic, inspired by David Copperfield after watching him escape from an exploding building.

Photo courtesy Tyzen
Photo courtesy Tyzen

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When you hear the name Tyzen, an image of spellbinding performances, riotous laughter, and mesmerizing hypnotism might come to mind. Tyzen isn’t just any hypnotist. He’s a comedy hypnotist, breaking barriers and changing perspectives on hypnotism one laugh at a time. 

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Tyzen was just a 13-year-old boy when he first felt the pull of magic, inspired by David Copperfield after watching him escape from an exploding building. Tyzen’s journey from a magic enthusiast to becoming the Junior Grand Champion of Magic in 1989 was just the beginning. Today, he is a celebrated entertainer who has been mentioned by former Senior Editor Edward Sigall in the National Inquirer, who describes Tyzen as a “one-of-a-kind master hypnotist.” He now delights audiences in iconic venues from Planet Hollywood Las Vegas to Harrah’s Casino and on the gleaming decks of Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Winnipeg, the home of famous magic artists Doug Henning, Darcy Oake, and Dean Gunnarson, among others, was a nurturing ground for Tyzen’s talents. From performing at children’s parties to corporate gigs, his fame started to spread.

During high school, Tyzen found a new fascination: hypnotism. During an English class presentation, he accidentally hypnotized the school’s athletic star, leading to an impromptu performance that left everyone astounded. This spark drove Tyzen toward the path of hypnotism, prompting him to train at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center and become a Board Certified Hypnotist. Combining comedy and hypnotism, Tyzen began to create performances that delight audiences nationwide.

However, the journey was not without hurdles. Hypnotists often face skeptics and hesitant volunteers, which can quickly turn a performance sour. But Tyzen has mastered the art of quickly building rapport with his audience, dispelling their fears, and making hypnotism an intriguing, exciting experience rather than an intimidating one.

Photo courtesy Tyzen

Despite the challenges, Tyzen’s rise to fame continued unabated, eventually landing him in Las Vegas. Here, he linked up with Mason Entertainment (formerly T.E.I. North), which rocketed his career further. His memorable performances led him to become the star of “Persuasion” at Harrah’s Casino in Reno, NV, in 2012. He even won the heart of entrepreneur Daymond John, a fan of Tyzen’s captivating show.

Tyzen’s innovation doesn’t stop on stage. He is currently working on methods to overcome the skepticism surrounding hypnosis on screen, hoping to transition this performance art to the mainstream media. This feat, if achieved, would revolutionize the world of stage hypnotism, much like magic did in its transition to television.

But what truly sets Tyzen apart is his authenticity and spontaneity. His ability to incorporate genuine humor into his performances, a skill he attributes to his high school theater experience, has become his signature style. His performances are nothing short of a carnival—a delightful mix of comedy, magic, hypnosis, and illusions; all served with quick-witted, mind-melting fun.

Looking ahead, Tyzen dreams of performing in soft-seat theaters nationwide and breaking into television with fresh TV concepts he is developing with Edward Sigall. While these might seem ambitious, given Tyzen’s track record, they sound more like exciting future possibilities. Tyzen’s journey from a young magician in Winnipeg to an acclaimed comedy hypnotist is a powerful narrative of determination, creativity, and a love for entertainment. To follow Tyzen’s magical journey or join him in his world of comedy hypnosis, visit his website or follow him on Facebook. Be ready for an experience that is as hilarious as it is hypnotic as Tyzen continues to redefine comedy hypnotism.

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